what do you think about SHENMUE II (X-BOX)

well you see the topic

i been playing shenmue II for x-box the last week and i think that is a master piece, of course shenmue2 has his faults (what game not) but well its a must have for all the owners of x-box

but in the reviews of ''renamed'' magz, like electronic gaming monthly, the score was 6...so whats up there......Ok...shenmue II maybe dont have the best graphics in the biz (its a dreamcast game...and a year old game so its logical) so for x-box are no the standard graphics right.....but the game has one of the mos detailed envioroments of all, has a detail that few games have but the guys of that magazine dont think that, just see the graphics and play the game for about 20 minutes and thast all

ok...the dub its not´perfect....but....i think that the main chracaters have decent voice acting, and other thing that i was thinking is that the voice actors have to pronounce chinesse and japanese words so not every actor its familiar with that.

but the music score is awesome , is one of the most beutiful orquested soundtracks that i ever hear on a game so dont complain

but well what do you think pal's
Renamed? EGM has been EGM since issue 1. I'd give Shenmue 2 a four.

+10 because it's Shenmue 2, -6 because it's not on Dreamcast (in the US), THUS ELIMINATING THE POINT OF PLAYING THROUGH THE FIRST ONE.
Well, Raijin, you can always import Shenmue II for your beloved Dreamcast from Europe.
Plus, you might as well say that nobody has an incentive to play Shenmue II either, as there may or may not be a Shenmue III, and even then the chances are slim for Shenmue IV and V to ever come into existence.

That, and I wonder: how are all the poor XBox fanboys going to get into the story if they get no Shenmue I to start off with?
because it comes with the shenmue 1 movie - thats how

most of those reviews in all the gaming mags have something against M$ thats why they always review M$ games badly

but what they don't get is all the reasons they ate M$ for Sony was and is worse - same with nintendo
Nah, they give it a bad rating cuz they are only down with the "cool" things. that's why they liked games like Splashdown for PS2. It got RAVE reviews, yea it was fun for 15-20 min. Afetr that u had mastered the game and were like "wow, this is cool.....I payed 5 bucks to rent this?" Just play what u like and forget what other ppl say.
WOW i got my game informer mag yesterday and almost every xbox title was rated high - i also expected that steel batalions game to be ripped up but no

finaly nice to see games for that systems rated more fairly

not that i go buy rating of any sort - i make my own up

but i know many people out there go by them and i dont want to see the xbox fall to soon - im still waitin for the rpgs though
EGM has lost all creditability ever since they sold their soul to sony. I remember a couple of years back, when the saturn was still around, they gave very few good reviews - even games that were good were often rated poorly or only average (the main one I can think of now is shining the holy ark).

Never trust gamming mags....
YEA i remmebr that - i just seemed to me that everything i liked was being rated bad

personaly i think those reviwers are basing thier opinions on who gives the better gifts !! - it had to be something like that i just coulndt belive bad ratings for fantastic games on a "particular" system
The thing which annoyed me most was that in the shining the holy ark review, the reviewer complained and ranted about the long spell animations. I went and took a look at their FF7 and 8 reviews. NO complaints whatsoever about the ULTRA long animations THOSE games had (whose summon animations annoyed the HELL out of me - the long summon animations in FF8, in particular), which were FAR longer than anything in StHA.
Nothing makes me more angry... Shenmue 2 is a DC title! It never made it to the US *I do have the European Import* But it will get all this credit on the X-Box and most peopel who play it will just be in love with it and not realize it was first for the DC... And those are usually the people who are like "Dreamcast sucked man." ??? And here is the worse part.... The X-box version has nothing changed... it is an exact port of the DC version.
Damn Microsoft!
I dont see why you guys rip the xbox, that game was released for the box becasue its the most logical step, dc is dead, so they ported it over to a living system. if you dont own a box, too bad, and if you do own a box, stop your whining.
1.) Xbox is a big piece of nothing that no one could even benchpress its that big!

2.) Shenmue will always remain to me a DC title, the original was released on DC and will always be a DC title

3.) All I am asking for is to give credit where credit is due... Not to the Xbox version.
Yeah! Agree with Jaded God on all three counts. It isn't about DC being dead (I for one don't dispute that, much as I dislike having to accept it), it's just about giving it credit for Shenmue.
chakan, that's a great review. Detailed, balanced, objective, and gives proper credit and mention to the Dreamcast version. Nice job. Enjoyed reading it.

But don't count on me getting an XBox...
Something I've just learned of... exclusive to the Xbox version (afaik) is a specific treat you can earn concerning Joy and her... crush. It concerns how they met. If you played through the game on the DC, you know who I'm really talking about!