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Well i went to an arcade wharehouse to try to get some pcb's to play and sell , they didnt have very many . Oh well I saw they were destrying some cabinets . Omg they were throwing away controll panels , power supplies and harness .

So I politley asked if I could dig this stuff out they said they didnt mind . I didnt find to much that day but they told me to come back in a few days a nd had a good laugh . So i did and instead of demoloshing the games they talked me into taking them .

I now have 7 arcade cabinets sitting in my backyard and garage , including Ms. pac Man , 10 yard fight , double Dragon 3 , Time soldiers , Sega Turbo , Star Ship 1 , Danger Zone . What do you think I should convert them to ?

Yeah please no kits that cost $5,000 . Im thinking of turning the danger zone into radiant silver gun , and the 10 yard fight into Bouriki One Hyper 64 , those are some examples . Oh yeah and Ms pac man stays ms Pac Man but nice and restored
That lot you got from the warehouse sounds great. If you are to change out the guts of a couple of the cabinets like you say, you are going to have to invest in a Titan ST-V Motherboard for Radiant Silvergun to run if you don't already have one. Plus you will inevitably have to buy the cart which can be pricey. If you are lucky, you can find a setup on Ebay for about $400.00 for both.

As for the Neo 64 title, you will also have to invest in a motherboard; probably MVS since I have seen them floating around in this neck of the woods here and there. (Colorado) I have seen Buriki One for $156.00 for the cart alone used. Here is a good site to look for all of these: http://www.coinopexpress.com/products/pcbs.html Good luck and I hope everything works out.
If you've got a Radiant Silvergun ST-V cart sell it to me.

I haven't got one of those... yet.
Originally posted by alpharogue@Jan. 10 2003, 10:11 am

If you are lucky, you can find a setup on Ebay for about $400.00 for both.

(Colorado) I have seen Buriki One for $156.00 for the cart alone used. Here is a good site to look for all of

Ive already got the ng-64 and game paid $150 for both . I know where to find a sega stv / titan system with radaint for $160 .

I live in colorado also .
The Radiant Silvergun cart is considerably rarer than the Saturn CD, I believe... but should also be cheaper (an indication that the CD was hyped while the cart wasn't?). I did see the cart go on eBay for $99 once... Not too bad, really.
Man, they are cheaper than I originally thought! Thanks for clearing my head and making me see the light. Now, all I need is to save the money since now these Hyper Neo 64s are somewhat easy to obtain along with the ST-V motherboard!!
Keep this in mind , you want the japanese stv motherboard , the american one unmoded will only play 5 games or somthing and radiant silvergun isnt one of them . The japanese stv M/b will play somthing like 30-40 games some of which Ive never seen on the saturn .

You can find american stv kits with die hard all the time for $50 on ebay , but theres not much else you can do with them except play die hard .

Oh yeah the post qustion is what game conversion ideas do you have ? Somthing newer and not very expensive .
Oh, and when you get an ST-V board up and running, I want a full review (w/ pictures) of Sonic Fighters, please
With a US bios you can run

[*]Athlete King

[*]Batman Forever (woot!

[*]Cotton 2

[*]Cotton Boomerang

[*]Die Hard Arcade

[*]Find Love (?)

[*]Golden Axe the Duel

[*]Guardian Force

[*]Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty (?)

[*]Radiant Silvergun

[*]Terra Diver

[*]Treasure Hunt

[*]Steep Slope Sliders

[*]Super Major League

[*]Virtua Fighter Remix

[*]Virtua Fighter Kids

[*]Winter Heat

I've got a few of those. :

Sonic Fighters runs on Model 2B hardware.

I'll post some pics of it for you if you want when I get it next month.

Xavier, tell me more about where to get RS...

Also, what do you consider to be modern (date) and not very expensive (price range)?
opp your right about radient silvergun playing on us system at least according to systyem 16 .

I dunno I want 3d typ games and less than $300 .

Ill tell you the guys info after I get one