What games boot sonic jam?

Can anyone name me some games that will boot a Sonic Jam disk? I don't have a modchip, and none of the originals that I have are the right code string to boot the disk. I just want to know what gams to keep an eye out for to get this game working. Thnx.

there is no "right bootstring".

your burn is prolly just bad.

I've been swapping over 70 different games, including sonic jam, with xmas nights, parodius, or a random demo disc. always worked perfectly fine.
Let me guess, you're using a saturn MKI? I've been swapping for two years and used over 40 games, and I can tell you that on the saturn MKII there are different code strings used. If you try booting a game with the wrong one it locks up at the Sega screen. I've got a list of what games in my collection boot with what others and there are no exceptions to the rule.
Are you doing a single swap? If so, a TOC difference could screw it up. Otherwise, I have no idea how different games could get different results, because AFAIK nothing other than the CD controller chip ever sees the security signature.
if it locks up at the sega screen, you simply swapped too slow or too fast. games sometimes differ in timing.

I did swap alot of games on a model 2 as well until my modchip arrived, and they too worked fine with my normal swap originals.
I've done thousands of swaps, and i'm well aware of how to do it. I've even used some discs which requre a double swap or a fast swap. As I said, i've been doing this for years. Hell, I can't even remember the last time I screwed up a swap i've done it so much. And i'm not talking about a once off occurance, and this happens on all my disks, even swapping between two originals. If I had screwed up the swap, it would've dropped back to the cd player with a data read error.

I just spent 15 minutes messing around trying to get disks to boot with ones from other groups, with no luck, but they booted with ones of thier own group first time. Here are the groups that some of my games belong to:

Sonic 3D blast



Lemmings 3D (double swap)

Duke 3D



Ghen war


Daytona USA CCE

Sonic R

Mighty hits

Die Hard arcade

Legend of Oasis

Dead or Alive

Sega Rally championship

Virtua cop 1

Virtua cop 2

Panser Dragoon II

I cannot boot Sonic R with Ghen War for example, but it'll boot with Daytona every time. There is not one variation to this rule i've come across at all. I'm using a European saturn MKII, and all the originals I have are European games. I actually live in Australia, but we fall under the European country code. The bios is V1.01. The fuill thing it says is PAL-C-V1.01. Does anyone have any idea what that C means?
Hi !

If you are using an european model 2, all copied CDs in european format will run OK doing the swapp trick, but, all the burned CDs with other country code won´t boot until you have prayed all the gods around. I had that problem before the mod chip, and it dissapeared converting all games to european format.
the C stands for europe. jp. models have a 1 there, and US models have a 4 there.

and either you are doing something wrong, swapping or burning wise, or you have the one and only saturn that groups its games by bootdisc.

no other person here using a model 2 saturn to swap had to do any of that before.
I'll try some of what you say when I get home tonight. I've got the same model saturn as yourself and I've never run into any of the problems that you describe.
Ok, here's a brief explination of how i'm doing the cd swap. Insert copy and wait until laser assembly begins to move to outer ring. Swap with original. Wait until laser assembly moves back to inner ring, and 1/2 a second after cd spinns back up, switch back to copy.

And i'm far from the first person to have this problem like you said. I was just looking thorugh some of the swapping guides to see if anyone else had mentioned this, and here's a direct quote:

I have noticed on my Saturn that certain original CDs don't load certain games. For example, the only CDs of mine that will load Radiant Silvergun are Daytona and Panzer Dragoon. Every other CD makes the game crash on or just after the 'Sega' screen (like mentioned above). If you can't get the swap after a while, try using different original CDs. Virtual On generally seems the easiest to swap with out of my collection.

And guess what, Virtual On falls into the largest of the groups on my lists of disks that will boot with each other.

Theory: There was one single copy protection code used for 3rd party games, and each 2nd party company had it's own unique one. This meant that if someone was stamping and distributing 3rd party boot disks (AKA black disks), none of Sega's first or second party games would be affected.

The only reason I can think of as to why this problem hasn't been encountered by many of you is that while it was planned for, it was never implemented until later revisions of the bios.
I've had quite a few model 2's pass through here that I swapped on. It was always pretty easy and never required any magical discs. But one thing I did different than you was I always swapped while the laser was in transition from one read point to another, never waited for it to spin up before swapping. The first few times I did do it that way and my discs always crashed at the sega screen. Then I realized as long as you do it in transition it works fine.
I always used to just do it by the noise it made, nothing else. It whirs, swap. It whirs again, swap back. Easy!

There's nothing like being technical
If I swap the disk while the lens is moving from the outer track to the inner one, it jumps back to the outer ring and tries to find that block of data again. I've tried variations on my timing, and it only works if I make the second swap within one perticular second. Too early and it jumps back to the start, and I have to go through the whole thing again. Too late and it jumps onto the sega screen before i've made the swap, and when that happens it always freezes, becuase it's started to load the game from the wrong disk.
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BTW, in my method I had to double-swap but it worked fine.
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Originally posted by DBOY@May 28 2002,17:14

You have better things to spend your money on? They're $8! That's like breakfast and lunch at McDonald's.

BTW, in my method I had to double-swap but it worked fine.

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