what games to get out of Japan

Lo folks,

A friend of mine in Japan likes to go out and search for consoles & games for other people (how handy
), and he offered to get me some saturn stuff and send it to me. He's already getting a white Saturn :cheers but I as I don't know much about Japanese Saturn games (i have only 2 Jpn games) I haven't got a clue about which games he should get for me. I'm especially looking for schmups, although (2D) fighters, racing games and some other good games that don't fit into a genre (i.e. Nights); and above all the games shouldn't be too rare or expensive. Can anyone of you give me some suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
Not to forget


Street Fighter Zero 3

Capcom Generation 5 (SF 2 ChampionEdt, World Warrior, Turbo Hyper Fighting)

X-Men vs. Street Fighter

Fatal Fury - Best Collection (incl. Real Bout + Real Bout Special)

King of Fighters - Best Collection (King of Fighters 95, 96, 97)

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

Samurai Shodown - Best Collection (SS3+SS4)

Vampire Savior


Gun Griffon 2

Sexy Parodius

Terra Diver (Soukyugurentai)


Castlevania X
well contact him by mail seiko_u @ yahoo.com , I think he's willing to help you out (say AntiPasta sent you or something)

here's a list with prices he sent me if anyone is interested:

Saturn Movie Card (SEGA VERSION) 5000 yen (unboxed)

White Saturn Boxed with leads and Pad - 6500 yen

White Saturn with nothing - 2500 yen

Gray Saturn Boxed With Pads and Leads - 5000 yen

Gray Saturn with Nothing - 1500 yen

Saturn Pads (mostly white and unboxed) 1000 yen

NiGHTS Pad (Unboxed) 1000 yen

Memory Cards (Sega Branded but no lables and White in Colour) - 1000 yen

Saturn Modem kit - 3000 yen

Saturn Mouse - 1500 yen

1 MBIT Ram cart - 1000 yen (No box)

4 MBIT Ram cart 1200 yen (No box)


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Cool, now when he says whit saturn with nothing. Does he mean just no controllers and hookups. Or is it missing parts that are vital for play?


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Originally posted by SegaSquad@Jun 19, 2003 @ 06:51 AM

Cool, now when he says whit saturn with nothing. Does he mean just no controllers and hookups. Or is it missing parts that are vital for play?

Like games you mean?

I don't think anyone's gonna sell you a Saturn which they admit is broken for $21.


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Don't we need a convertor or something because of the voltage difference if we were to plug in a Japanese Saturn into our electrical outlets?


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Using a japanese Saturn in the US? No.

The 'import' Saturns that I have have PSU that will take voltages from 85v to 125v* or so.

However, the socket where you insert the mains lead is a different shape.

* I can't remember if the upper limit it is 125v or higher, but either way you should be right.


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Pardon my ignorance, but that means that I can play a Japanese Saturn here with no problems or modifications to the hardware?


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Not quite.

The only issue would be the power cable itself. Neither of my japanese Saturns came with a power lead so I don't know what type of plug they use. I don't have any other japanese equipment either...

I do know that the socket where the mains lead plugs into the PSU are different between US and japanese Saturns.


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If you're in Europe however, it's a different story.. You'd need a stepdown.

As for shmups to recommend:

All the Raizing stuff (Soukyugurentai, Kingdom Grandprix etc)

The 'best of' type packs for some oldies (Gradius, Salamander, Thunder Force)

Thunder Force V

Sengoku Blade

Battle Garegga

Donpachi + Dodonpachi

Game Paradise

Kyukyoko Tiger II +

In The Hunt

Sexy Parodius