What Genny game had the best GFX?

I think Landstalker is up there, mostly because it looks like the art was actually designed for a limited palette instead of having a "the artist worked in 24-bit color and dithered the output" kind of look (Genesis/MD only supports 9-bit RGB without black magic).
Panorama Cotton for me :biggrin:

Eat your heart out SNES!

Reason for this choice was the incredible 3D effect backgrounds, the MegaDrive hardware was doing things that the Nintendo fanboys claimed were impossible on the Sega Machine. Shame it was never released outside Japan, but if y'all get the chance, please check this one out!

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Contra Hard Corps is pretty advanced comparing to some other genesis games, GFX and sound are pretty nice ... I never get bored of playing this game.
Ranger X had very good quality graphics at the time, pretty fun game too...

Gunstar Heroes also had very good graphics, and is my favorite Genesis game.
Castlevania Bloodlines, Contra Hard Corps, Gunstar Heroes, Comix Zone, the list goes on and on! Gunstar Heroes is just great for maximum spritage and sound. Contra Hard Corps has awesome backgrounds and level designs that rivals the SNES version of the series in every way.
I think the best gfx on the megadrive are in Thunderforce IV as it has the best parallax scrolling I have seen in any game ever. The only problem with it is the slowdown when things get a bit hectic on screen.
The Adventures of Batman and Robin looked pretty good. Lots of explosions, scaling, screen was always swarming with enemies or their bullets. But it was overly difficult and got to long and monotonous.
Panorama Cotton!!!!

Scaling and rotation superior than any other Genesis Game, it looks better than a lot of 32 bit saturn games!

Castlevania bloodlines comes to mind also.
Virtua Racing was good, but it had the special chip built in

Still cool to see it running on a stock Genny

Wasn't that game like hecka expensive when it came out?
i found Sonic 3/& Knuckles very impressive. Probotector had some impressive effects.

vectorman looks good in the way of vectorman himself but everything looks shit as.

Thunderforce 4 was absolutely excellent.
At times Shadowrun had some really good graphics, though of course I love it for the gameplay. I agree Landstalker had pretty well-designed and colorful graphics. Even if the sound was designed to drive me mad, with all its bwoops and swishes and AAAGGGGHHCK! cries when the enemies died... Let's see, Streets of Rage 3, which had some pretty impressive arcade-like graphics (so did 2). Oh! The Lost Vikings had great very colorful graphics, and of course so did the Sonic series.

Now, I'm pretty surprised that nobody mentioned Phantasy Star IV.

So to sum up, everything mentioned by others plus Shadowrun, Streets of Rage 3, The Lost Vikings 1+2, Phantasy Star IV.