What Genny game had the best GFX?


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so wait, is that like imaging a 3d texture onto a 2d bitmap? so in a sense, its all imaged 3d onto actual 2d hardware, somewhat like a illusion?


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Ok guys it was a unreleased game called Hardwired. It has some incredible effects, Useing vector grafix and Conpressed video and scaleing and rotation. The list goes on. You will need a emulator to play this as hence it was never released. The rom you will find is more like a demo. To think this game was made in 1994 is amazing as if it would have gotten out, people would have thought twice about the good old gens. The game is not really great but the gfx , The Intro video which is not really full color video, Hard to explain is the coolest thing ive ever seen on a gen. Worth a look if you ask me.


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opps! My bad the game was released but was called Red Zone. Like i said the game kinda sucks but the gfx look kinda cool.


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My favourite graphics were in Devil Crash, simply due to the style on display, which was complemented by the amazing, mind blowing soundtrack (please help me get it on mp3).

I know many later games were more technically advanced, but that's my personal favourite.

Daniel Eriksson

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Red Zone looks fantastic. Check those indoor sections. You can get the free unreleased demo of it (Hardwired) from www.zophar.net. The file is free. Also, Panorama Cotton is amazing. Sonic 3d´s cool. Toy Story had some amazing scenes. All levels rendered (Like DK Country) and there were two 3d levels to (one wolf style and one racing level). Ranger X, Gunstar Heroes and above all the Sonic games (exclude sonic pinball) . There were many good looking ones indeed...


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my suggestions would be:



Light Crusader

Streets of Rage 1&3

LHX Attack Chopper (it didn't look good but it was a pretty complex realtime 3D Polygon grafik)

Road Rash 2&3 (cause it had some nice pseudo 3d grafik, no raod rash for the SNES buhahahahahaha ^^)

Aladdin (nice acrtoon anim and gfx especially for back then)

Spot goes to Hollywood (like Sonic 3d but not prerendered ^^)

Eternal Champions (great BGRs, great fighter sprites and animation, love that game ^^)



Probotector (Contra Hard Corps)

Gunstar Heroes (that one rocks)

Jurrassic Park ^^

Pitfall the Mayan Adventure

ToeJam and Earl 2!

Urban Strike

Well I don't really like that prerendered crap like Sonic 3D Blast, X-Perts etc