What is an A/V Cable ?

I was wondering what this AV Cable is? ( I know its a cable to connect the console to the TV) But, what connector does it use to connect up to the TV? Does it connect into the coaxial TV ariel port on the back of the TV or does it connect somewhere else? I ask this because I am thinging of getting a white Jap Saturn, and the catalog says it comes with an AV cable... anyone point me in the right direction here?
AV is usually the 3 plugs, all the same shape (round with a pin in the middle), usually a red, white and yellow one, for audio + video. a ntsc saturn will display in b/w if you have a PAL tv that is not capable of ntsc and you are using this kind of cable.

a RGB cable will fix that, if your tv has a scart connector.
Thats sounds like a SVHS cable. Hmm, my TV doesnt have a connector for that... never mind, I'll just buy a RGB Scart cable then.

Thanks for the info :)
rgb scart is better anyway, if you have the connector for it, since a/v is composite (all the colour information on the same lead) whereas rgb has a seperate lead for each
Well, the AV image quality isn't wonderful, but next to RF which combines all signals (audio + video) into 1 cable, it's a marked improvement.

Not a patch on RGB tho'...
I don't know what you guys are on about...

The image I get from my AV cable is excellent.

Sure it might not be as good as RGB, but it shits on the RF adaptor :)
Actually the Commodore 1084 or 1084S is an excellent monitor for just this purpose. The one I have has RGB, S-Video and Composite all in one. They are fairly cheap these day too :)
I could play on my big telly in composite, without having to buy anything else...

Or I could buy a new cable and a cheap 14" monitor and have small RGB.

I'll have to think about that one. ;)