What is your favorite "Underdog" game?

You guys know all those underdog games. The ones that never got enough exposure but were just gems that never got mined. Either that or most people said they totally sucked but YOU personally liked it a lot.

I'd have to say my favorite underdog games would be: Guardian Legend for NES (if you haven't played it DO IT NOW, or burn your computer hehehe)

A Boy and His Blob (hey it was an odd game, but it was fun)

Micheal Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City (Come on I liked this game a lot, despite everyone saying it was crap)

I'd like to hear some of your favorites.

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*rips out his MD collection*

Crue Ball... good longevity, and the music!!! omfg the music!

**Sub-Terrania... Easily in my top 5 MD games released... great music, sh*tloads of atmosphere... but am I the only one to shout its praises?

Skitchin' - Easily out-cooled the Road Rash series, and out played it as well...

*breaks out the saturn gear*:

Steep Slope Sliders - Just #### good fun! Great music too :) (if u like that sorta stuff;))

Exhumed - Was kinda jaded after playing Doom (if you've played it, you'll know), but this game renewed my faith in the saturn as a FPS platform (if only for this and Quake)

Sega Touring Car Championship - What the #### is so wrong with this game? Great music, the cars didnt handle THAT bad, and did i mention the music?

*dusts of the DC games ;)*:

Tokyo Highway Challenge - Known for its 'poor' controls, once gotten used to, came to be quite fun!

Le Mans 24 Hours - An aussie game (go Melbourne House!!!!), outshone all the other racing games on the DC (F355 included) for its graphics, super realistic gameplay, and its graphics, but was most often overlooked by games like F355 and MSR :(

Blue Stinger - Was expecting this to be a real letdown, but is surprisingly fun to play (doesnt hold a candle to Res. Evil CV tho...) For A$20, what else do u expect?

Re-Volt - Fun, but tough as nails, and decent graphics too...

**=biggest underdog :(

Theres tons more, but they're all the main ones...
My favorite "underdog" series is the Valis series. They're just plain old good platform action games. If you can, go find the roms of them and try them out.
I think the two most underrated games I have played would have to be Soul Blazer for the SNES, and Tail Concerto for the PSX. Both were short games, but extremly fun to play, and had tons of replayability.
TFIII was a big hit.

Anyway, I truly like some pretty crappy games - despite their inherant crappiness.

Batman Forever [Sat]

Pretty Fighter X [Sat]

Final Fight Revenge [Sat]

Corpse Killer [SCD]

Hello Kitty's Cube Challenge [PSX]

Evil Dead [DC]

and a bunch of others I can't remember right now. ;)
UN Squadron (Snes)

WarSong (MD) + the rest of the Langrisser Series

Star Control 2 (P.C Dos original)

Princess Maker 2 english (P.C Dos offical unreleased)

Wing Commander 2/4 (P.C)

Jagged Alliance (P.C)

System Shock (P.C)

Shining Wisdom (Saturn)

Dragon Force (Saturn)

Silhouette Mirage (PSX)

Suikoden 1/2 (PSX)

Sin & Punishment (N64)

and not a game but, Star Fleet (Puppet series similar to Thunderbirds but a LOT better and Proper conhearent story)

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Im with Mortal Threat here, I truly like some pretty crappy games also

Psychic Force 2012

Ford Racing (ok its somewhat decent)

Revolution X (forget the Arrowsmith part of it)

*Pulls out PC collection*

Rise Of the Triad (BEST FPS EVER !)

System Shock

Realms Of The Haunting (Really good adventure)


Test Drive 4,5, and 6

No offense Crazy, but how can u like Rev X?

if ur talking about the arcade... fine

but the Saturn version without gun support sux
Earthbound for SNES

dude i know youre saying thats not an underdog

but it is

people didnt buy it cuz it wasnt by square

and its one of the best rpgs ever

oh yeah and sonic r on saturn

that game is so freakin cool
I think my vice would have to be the Hiryu No Ken series. They are a rather odd fighting/platform/RPG hybrid. The ones I've played include:

Flying Dragon: The Secret Scrolls (NES)

Flying Warriors (NES)

Ultimate Fighter (SNES)

Hiryu No Ken Golden Fighter (SFC)

Hiryu No Ken Hyper (SFC) (an enhanced/high-speed version of Golden Fighter, and the basis for Ultimate Fighter, but Ultimate Fighter was heavily edited into a direct sequel to Flying Warriors, while Golden Fighter and Hyper had completely different characters)

What's interesting about the games is their combat system; they use a system called the Mind's Eye system, which creates a floating "weak point" that needs to be attacked/defended. Occasionally the weak point changes to provide additional effects such as stunning your opponent or causing instant death. All in all the effect is not really fantastic, but I'm addicted to it for some reason...
Ive never played the Saturn version, I own the PC version as I got it for a Gift one year, Its decent as there are not many light gun like shooters for the PC. Its ok
It would prolly be ok with the mouse... HOTD is on PC

but no light gun support on an arcade port WHICH USES A LIGHT GUN!

wtf were acclaim thinking?
Rise of the Triad isn't an underdog; and Tokio Highway Challenge isn't underdog neither. Both were big hits.