What is your favorite "Underdog" game?

even though this is was a HUGE seller. I'll say it anyway (cause everybody at school, and MANY people say that this sucks :() Final Fantasy series.
I love that site! But it's not legal...nobody cares enough to shut it down is all...;)

Anyways, my favourite underdog would be "Betrayal at Krondor". I'm a big fan of the books, so even though the game is a little crusty, it's still fun.
Hey, I beated the whole game!!!! I loved it and I didn't read anything :)

I never expected to see someone else who actually likes this game :)
i would consider an underdog something that hasnt had rave reviews, but is still enjoyable anyways... gamespot gave tokyo highway challenge 5.6 = underdog

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Yeah, I think the definitions need to be more clearly defined...

For instance, somebody said "Wing Commander" back there.... now, pardon my saying so, but every game of the Wing Commander series sold like hotcakes. Wing Commander itself (and its sequel) DEFINED the genre!

And Evil Dead isn't a "Underdog" it's a "cult" game seeing as the Evil Dead films and now its game have one of the biggest groups of cult followers ever...

Now, that having been ranted.... ;)
Sure ED is cult. That's not the point. It is generally hated by gamers/reviewers, and didn't sell well at all.

TF3 for Genny on the other hand sold very well for years, and was loved by e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. Neither cult, nor underdizizog. :)
evil dead for dc is also crap, i personally didnt beleive the reviews giving it around the 20% mark, but after buying it i think most of that 20% was becuase of the license rather than the actual game
I dunno, I disagree on the evil dead thing, I played it, beat it, loved it, laughed my arse off...

Well, if you wanna define it as underdog, go ahead then, I think it's a very funny and very good translation of exactly what you'd see in those movies... Which maybe was the point. The movies suck and yet, not. :)
it was more the whole control structure and way the game played than anything else that annoyed me about the game (ie you kill something, it disappers and then comes back)
The guy saying Rise of the Triad wasn't an Underdog is sorely mistaken. It was released when Doom was gaining a whole lot of popularity. I mean Doom was getting BIG. At the time, clones of Doom were being made left and right. It was hard to discern Rise of the Triad from the rest by looking at screenshots, but the game is a #### of a lot of fun! There's just so many cool things in it. It's funny, Rise of the Triad would have been a HUGE seller like Doom if it had remained the sequel to Wolfenstein. Definately a game to check out. Also go to the Rise of the Triad page at www.classicgaming.com

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there are a ton of underated games I've played... Bonk 2 comes to mind, as well as Thunder Force III. But my favorite underated game is without a doubt Wonder Boy in Monster world/The Dynastic Hero on the Genesis/Turbo Duo. That game kicks ass. Love the genesis music, too.
are we talking dark horse here? there are few of those which I can think of, because almost every game is hyped to be really good or hyped in it's previews someway.... wait I can say Phantasy Star, it eventually became well known and really really better than games of it's time.....

As for those which I like but no one else does, (won't say underrated((can at times sound like underhyped which are good, like basketball players (((Jason Kidd, Quintin Richardson, etc))), cause right now I'm out of my element, and not exactly to sure on it's meaning....) I liked Sword of Vermillion, uh.... Secret of Evermore, ....

As for those that never got hype and some people do like(including i), River City Ransom, Twisted the Game Show (Fez all the way!!!!!!!!)

As for those which , ah i think i covered most of the bases...
le mans 24hr for dc WAS crap, i'm sorry to say, well not realy....but no matter how many times you try to play it, it does suck. Maybe you like it cause your an aussie, who knows....but seriously i couldn't play it with a controller or the ferrari racing wheel. MSR and F355 on the other hand were nice games, real nice ones...too bad they were overlooked....best racers out there IMO...well GT3 might be as good but haven't tried it.

The steering was far too sensitive in lemans, the cars didn't look realistic, and above all it raced much like micro machines or a bad f1 racer...i dont know but there were alot of overlooked dc games, Skies of arcadia was good, never got a chance to finish it though. Alot of dc games were good but people must have been mad cause of the saturn thing and all the crap games the psx had, maybe thats what discouraged people from taking a chance on a game no one has heard about. I've probably played 70% of the dc games out there and about 30-60 of em realy shine, somthing to write home about. The rest were ok, but there was a small group of utter crap titles. Those company's didn't deserve to make games for a sega system. I can still remember the cold wet morning the UPS man drove up in that mid sized 80's van with my huge package at 5am, containing a import DC a couple of games, and gaming bliss for the foreseable future. Was a time, a great time...too bad we're stuck with a good system that went under, and a 3way race...possibly we'll see some nice titles for the 3way split we've got....

so far i can say the ps2 is turning out nice...GT3 looks good, GTA3 and MGS2 play and feel real nice...I played head hunter when it came out and i gotta say its buggy and could never hope to hold a candle to metal gear solid 2. I think they should have not let them release head hunter, it tarnished the sega name even further....