What progie do win 2k ntfs users use?

I installed easy cd pro 95 but when i restarted it created havok on my system i spent the last 3 hours repairing the damage reg file by reg file anyway I am runing win2k Pro on the Nt file system and my fav burner software is nero so how/ what do I use?
fireburner works fine on win2k here

im using fat, but that should make any difference

pretty much any buring software besides easy cd pro 95 works on win2k

try either cdrwin or nti if fireburner doesnt work for you
The newest version of EZ CD Creator works with 2k/XP, but the other versions are known to fuck your shit up.
If u install the aspi drivers then EZCD 95 anf nti 3x will work on win2k...i have EZCD 95 running on my win2k system...without the aspi drivers....the program kept rebooting my computer
Now, I never said I actually used ezcdcreator, i despise the program anyways.
Then you shouldn't have mentioned it since we are referring to burning applications that can do mixed mode from image for burning Saturn or Sega CD games on Win2k/XP. If it can't, then it's not worth mentioning as it would confuse certain people (e.g., n00bies).
true metalgreymon, very true...for those who want to use ezcd 95 don't install it just get the few files including the exe that Arakon kept separate from the full installation...if u don't install it u shouldn't get this bluescreen (that's how i did it)