What was the first Saturn game you played?

My first games (roughly in this order)...

- NiGHTS ("oohhh! look at the cute pixelated 3D graphics!")

- Fighting Vipers (really impressed me)

- Daytona USA (confirmed that I needed CCE instead, lol)

- Virtua Racing

- Sega Rally (wow!!!)
Sega Rally
I played Fighters Megamix in a local game store, and i wanted the system ever since, but due to being a poor kid, i couldnt get one til the saturn was going for $25 used at the store.
I think it was Virtua Fighter 2, but it also very well could have been Nights. I know I got a package for my first saturn that had both of them and a few other common games. Whichever was first, it doesn't really matter, because I played them all the same day to make sure they worked.

I have to say I wasn't really impressed until I got Panzer Zwei II (5th or so game I bought. And I didn't really put my psx on the back burner until I played Shining Force III. Of course, I eventually came back to it, but man for awhile it was gathering dust.
I bought a Saturn + Panzer Dragoon pack but when I opened the box... heh, I found Daytona USA, so that was my first game
and then I played my beloved Panzer. Wow...
Yep, welll eum.. that was way back in summer/autumn of 1995 .wellllllll eum ow. I know Virtua Fighter... I wanted a Saturn after palying Virtua fighter in the arcades in Santa Claus Land in Sweden... funny eh (considering I'm from Holland)
Sega Rally, on my brother-in-law's Saturn. I never liked it up until I played Panzer Dragoon though. Damn that music to hell... it ruined my life! (for the better!)

I think it was Wipeout that I played first. My brother bought a Saturn soon after it's surprise early release, and I believe this was one of the games he had bought with it.
It was panzer dragoon I believe. I encountered it once at a toys'r'us when I was a kid. Later I spent a lot more time at toys'r'us playing NiGHTS when it came out and they had displays with mario 64, NiGHTS, and crash bandicoot all right next to each other.
I'm not absolutely sure, must have been either Daytona USA or Panzer Dragoon.

Daytona USA is probably the game I played the most in my life.

I remember watching the opening movie of Panzer Dragoon together with a friend. It's been all black and white, no color since the Saturn was an imported japanese one and my TV didn't support NTSC. Nevertheless, we were stunnished and thought: if it will be ever possible to compute this GFX in realtime? Of course we thought: no! Funny..