What was the first Saturn game you played?


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Mine was VF2.

Yes, I was very late to the Saturn, but I was spoiled to begin with.
Daytona USA and Virtua Cop on a model 1_ oval_ Saturn scored from a Blockbuster for $10 (not mine). I too was spoiled. Hell I thought the Playstations had nothin on either the DC or the Saturn. Until I saw the Capcom Fighters and Dracula X......
Fighters Megamix at several stores (June/July 1997). That was 3 years before I even bought my Saturn (August 2000). I just happened to get Fighters Megamix with it as well
My first was some FIFA soccer game that my friend brought over along with his Saturn. Once I got my own system for Christmas, I first played Street Fighter Alpha 2 (Still one of my favorite games to this date) and then Daytona USA (Still one of my most hated games to date).
Panzer Dragoon 1. Before, i didnt even considered buying a sat. I had a Multi mega(CDX). After, i just gave the cdx (ARGHHH!) instantly and took a sat with Panzer.... Stil looking for it! Maybe after i buy a new sat since i fried mine!
hardly remember that far back, but i remember my friend Christian bought one way back when and he was the only person that I ever knew when i was younger that got one. I think we played virtua fighter, daytona, and street fighter..