whats the best portable mp3 player?


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For my birthday i want to get a portable mp3 player, but i heard that mini disc players just came out on the market for personal use so i was wondering if i should get one of those instead. Both are small forms of music-playback media which would be just what i need and a cd player is far too bulky to carry around. So i either want to get a portable mp3 player, or mini disc player but dont' want to spend too much over 100 dollars. maybe like 110-115 or something but not much more. anyone have an ideas/suggestions?
I suggest that you get a MiniDisc Player. I personally own one and it is a very nice piece of equipment, if you get one though, get a model that supports LP4 which allows you to have 300 or so minutes of music on one Disc. They are nice and small and have great sound and options, plus you can re-record again and again on a minidisc for I believe 10,000 times. so the discs last.
portable minidisc players have been on the market for a long time..they are very expensive though..but i believe they are better quality soundwise..i would get a mp3 player if i was you..i have a RIO made my diamond they are a good brand
happy birthday gallstaff
i have a mini disc with lp4 but its pointless as you cant play it in anything apart from players that support very few do as for mp3 i have a rio 600 which is good probably get a better one now though.
Get one of those creative jukebox's with the 20gig harddrive, they're probably gonna be the best you can get, the CD-MP3 players tend to have a maximum bitrate of 128, which sucks, while the jukebox tends to support VBR and 320kbps, and also I heard a rumor that future bios upgrades will support ogg

according to the website, 333 hours (20gig) at 128, so at 256 you're looking at about 170 hours (a little less) and a 20 hour battery life. The 20 gig version is 399$ (retails for that, so you could probably find it for a bit cheaper, 300 being the cheapest probably)

Pricewatch has several of the older Jukebox models (less features, space) listed for around 100 bucks, you may want to look at them too if you don't really care about what the J3 has to offer.
hey Gallstaff...your birthday is today??? Mine too... :-D

And, man... I bought myself some rare Saturn items off eBay for my b-day... they arrived Tuesday but are being held at the post office cuz the deliveryman missed me and I haven't had one fricking chance to pick up the package since... now I don't have the stuff *meh*...

ohwell, happy birthday to us! :)

incidentally, I'm clueless about mp3 players...if I were to pick one, none of them would really make me happy. Each one seems to have some major fault...
Personally when I got an MP3 player I went with one of the CD/MP3 players. That way you can carry around several cd's worth of music to fit your tastes no problem.
I heard that the creative jukebox has an annoying interface. I heard the best hard drive mp3 players are apple's one (windows support isn't exactly here yet
) and the rio hd player
Cd mp3 players are great, regular mp3 players are official crap, too expesive, for not enough product.. minidisc players are the most bang for your buck! altho if you want a reeeallly good one import from japan
yeah i'm thinking of getting an mp3 cd player... but this year i decided to just screw and and stock up on the anime
Just from talking to some people that I work with, they really don't like their CD-based mp3 players, the lower bitrate limits them a lot of times wheras the HD based ones support higher bitrates, meaning you wouldn't have to RE-Encode the mp3 making it sound even worse....
Get a sould MP3/CD player. But if you don't want moving parts, just get an MP3 player with a heck of a lot of memory.