what's the best

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but magic engine is not freeware and does not support iso loading (as far as i can remember)

in addition to hugo, hu6280 is pretty good too. it even allows iso loading (!!!!)
That is correct, but it is cheap and burning CDs too.. and works like a charm with all kinds of gamepas (PSX, NES, SNES)

and teh Mp3 support in HUGO for isos is not quiet good
I have the full version of magic engine .097 with iso support if any body wants it. Just leave me your email addresses and I can send it via email. It's pretty small.

The only thing I don't have is game express cd support, but if you look at some emu pages you can find it. In return, can someone direct me to a place or fto where I can find isos for the pc engine.(tg16) Also can someone help me find a game called hotblooded high school dodgeball. The games in japanese but it's pretty fun, I used to have it but not anymore.
jjasso21 i thought magic engine just doesn't support isos i downloaded the newest versions and it mentions how iso's aren't supported.
ehh i only want one game for the pce and if i get it as a bin/cue i'll just burn it to a cd then boot it from that.
the japanese pce snatcher sombody already said they'd upload it to a ftp and include the snatcher pilot disc but they haven't done that yet to my knowledge.
If the person that upped like half of snatcher to my server upped the other half, i'd have the game available for everyone.
??? well i've got some of their releases and they seem fine..

(much better than ISO/MP3)

the forums pretty cool too...

I'm glad you like the board aceint, we work hard at what we do and it's positive feedback like that that keeps us going. As far as Ratamahatta is concernened...

I have a message for him:

Listen you ungrateful little shit, first you leech images from our server, costing US bandwidth THEN you have the gaul to call us tools. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black... You could have saved the image and hosted in on your own webspace but noooooo, you had to be a total fuck and leech directly from the URL, just how stupid ARE you??!! I had given you a warning as did Uni, but you didn't respond. You think we wouldn't retaliate, now you know better. I must admit we all had a good laugh at showing just how much of an ass you were. You were warned, you chose not to comply, so we got even...sorry, we don't take kindly to theives. I hope you enjoy being banned from our messageboard and having your entire domain name yanked from every RIGG server ad infinitum. Your lucky we only got you banned on this mesageboard temporarily, had I been in a less jovial mood I'd have spoken with the Ops of SegaXtreme directly and had you PERMANENTLY removed. Pray this is the last time I have to deal with you,


Cheif of Operations

Retro ISO Gaming Guild



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See, you warned me when my status on my messenger clients was set to away. What does that mean? that means I was away from the computer. 2, I would have gladly removed the image from here if I had an actual chance to do so in this 10 minute time frame that you game to me. 3, changing the image to something pornographic when this forum is quite public and younger people visit it was possibly the stupidest thing someone could have ever done for "revenge".4, your threats and such in that last message were very immature, and I consider all the matter closed. Plus I could care less about your message board, it doesnt even compare the the caliber of this meesage board.

Plus you talk about me showing you all how much of an ass I was? Changing the image to a pornographic image was retarded and showed us the maturity level of the boys at rigg.

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Hi Ratamahatta,

Hmm... you should know stealing Bandwidth is one

of the most annoying things you can do....

even if they didn't give you much time to answer

you prob knew when you did it that it was wrong..

the Porno? pic was a little strong.. but if you'd hosted the

image yourself it couldn't have been changed

And if you considered the matter 'closed' - why did you respond

to my post with 'rigg are tools?'

thats bound to get a responce...

i've seen NOTHING on the rigg Forums about you - And

didn't even know there was a prob until yesterday..

I hope this can be sorted by both parties

As the PC Engine is one of the finest Consoles

ever made.. and the PCE 'scene' as small as it is doesn't

need this sort of thing..

"Your lucky we only got you banned on this mesageboard temporarily, had I been in a less jovial mood I'd have spoken with the Ops of SegaXtreme directly and had you PERMANENTLY removed."

That was a bit over the top. Last time I checked, SX was not accountable to you or RIGG for anything; the operators run their own site, and do a fine job of making decisions regarding who to ban without your assistance.

I think RIGG is a good thing, but that doesn't entitle you to make threats and act like you 0wn d4 5k3n3.
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