Whats the dumbest electronic thing you have done?


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What is the dumbest/funniest electronic/computer related accident you have had?

This should be a funny thread. :damn:

When the Athlon socket A's first came out I was having a tough time getting the computer to work. I branded the amd processor logo onto my index finger testing if it was running or not. As you can probably tell I wasnt really thinking when I did it.

Now I just look back and laugh at it. :flamethrower:
i was a tough guy when i was a little kid -- and i mean littlei think i was 4

and i was trying to plug in a radio and my fore finger and thumb was on the plug leds - and as i was trying to plug the damn thing in my hand would get numb - so i was like "so this is what its like to get electrocuted - its nothing" and i was determined to plug the freaking thing in with out changeing the position of my fingers - i kept doing it over and over saying "i can take it" and finaly had to give up and change the position of the plug in my hand and get it in right with out my hand going numb

i gues thats the dumbest (dangerous ) thing ive done concerning electricity

other than that the other funny thing was the falacy of a robot i made and convinced the ME dept at school it was something special
I uh, fried a floppy drive and made it spit fire out of the back once....

My boyfriend was trying to get his computer to boot using a floppy disk (he had removed his old one and was just using bootable CD's, but he lost it or something), so I pulled out an old 486 i had in storage, ripped the drive out of it, plugged it in his, and i guess it had died from rust, but it started spewing sparks and mini blue flames out the back

it was um

scary and smelly

I wired the power supply on an old AT machine backwards and melted the plug, fried the motherboard, in a great deal of smoke...

I decided it'd be a good idea to directly connect two 9V batteries to the motor of my 6V RC Car... it drove exceptionally fast down the street, until the engine smoked and the body (already melting from the insane amount of heat) caught on fire (stupid paper decals). It was a fairly neat visual...

That's all I can think of, for now.
I had a walkman that I used to plug into the wall with a typical power adaptor. Trouble was it was one of those multi-voltage devices (y'know, 3, 6, 9 12v etc) and I had been using it with a nine volt device (Master System or Lynx I think) and forgot to switch it back to the 3v when I plugged it into the wall.

Needless to say I no longer have a walkman. :(
Once at school we had to make these complex cirucuits and shit to get a desired result (mine was making a few light bulbs flash a couple of times) and since they seemed kinda dim all running off of one 1.5 volt battery I thought I could juice them up with 2 nine volts. As soon as I started the circuit you could hear *pop* *pop* *pop* *pop* as they all exploded in sequence.
Plugged in my laptop power supply into my linksys router. After the pretty display of flashing red lights it stopped working (and apparently a few guys at work have done this as well).

The other, and probably stupider thing I did was also with my laptop. It has a swappable floppy\cd drive, and there's a warning saying "Do Not Press Here." Naturally I assumed it was bullshit and pressed there. It stopped working :ph34r:
A few weeks ago I plugged in this computer we had sitting around (it had been fine for a long time, but had been unplugged for about a month) to go and format it and stuff for my dad. I plug it in and multicolor sparks and popping sounds came out of the power suply.

One time when I was real little I stuck a paperclip in the power outlet on the wall... made a fairly large black mark lol.
One time we were out of wax paper.

I wanted Chef Bioridia's Raviolies.

We had tin foil though.

Many lighting bolts followed...

BTW, did I mention I suck at spelling?
I went on a class trip a few years back to washington DC and shelled out $20 for a shocking lighter...(the gag kind that when you press it, it sends an electrical shock through the hand/arm/body of the person holding it) well needless to say it was funny to use it on people....then this wise ass goes up to our school's principle and tells him that i have a lighter.

The principle comes up to me and tells me i'm in trouble and all I do is keep telling him it's not real it's a prank, he asks to see it and I'm trying to explain to him that i need to hold it too so he doesn't drop it....

(if you hold it in one spot you don't get shocked). Before i can finish he wraps his hand Around mine and hits the button we both get shocked our hands fling back the lighter hits the floor (luckily didn't break) but he starts yelling and makes me get back on the bus.

Needless to say my friends and i are idiots so we had competitions to see who could hold the lighter the longest or do the most presses in a given amount of time...after doing this for long time during that summer, i developed a twitch in my right thumb, that was uncontrollable and would just tick almost in tune with my heart beat.

Lesson: Don't play with electricty
Heh no we were taking a trip to the boston museum of science which was 2 and a half hours and my friend was going through "that time of the month" and she had a box of tampons in her bag so I grabbed them out of her bag and since it was the boston museum of science we had to present a science exibit for this school display thing and mine happened to have red food coloring in it. Me being the idiot i am still had the supplies in my bag so I took the coloring and dabbed it all over the tampon (damn do those bastards expand) and flung it across the bus. Yay for immaturity. The principal thought it was my friends... you know like used and that i stole it I have no idea why she'd think that but yeah. So i put it in his hand and he realised it was fake.
Yeah, some person brought one of those shocking lighter things to school some time ago.

I shocked myself numb with that thing. I wondered how it would feel if you put it in your mouth and pressed down on it with your teeth. That would sting.

I've had a poptart catch in the toaster and burst into flames.

I wondered what would happen if you plugged 2 9V batteries into eachother. (KABLAMMO!)

I grabbed a hot glue gun on the tip when it was still plugged in, and on a separate occasion I grabbed the soldering pen by the metal part. (OUCH!!!) By accident, mind you. I'm not that much of a massochist.

I was trying to get one of the male pins (it was loose) out more in a Gravis pc gameport hub thingamajig, so I used some tweezers (metal) on the metal pins and it was sort of like a re-enactment of playing Operation because there was this big spark and the monitor blnked out for a second and the power light on the gameport hub turned off.

Me am smart. Don't worry, I've got more.
Actually I've plugged 2 ninevolt batteries into eachother. All that happens is they get really hot and drain eachother after like 5 minuetes.
Let's see.. off of the top of my head;

While modding my PSX, I blanked out and picked up my soldering iron by the metal section, but didn't want to drop it, but the holder fell to the floor. So then I quickly picked it up off of the floor and put the iron back on it. Painful. Still had to finish the mod.

When modding my PS2 recently, I was testing to make sure it comes on so I plugged the power supply board in and turned it on. Tested it. It worked. Then I put the PS2 in standby mode, but didn't turn it completely off with the back switch. I pulled the power supply board out (leaving it plugged into the wall) and accidently touched it to the metal frame of the motherboard. SPARK! ZZZT. PS2 off, T.V. flashed (still had A/V cables plugged in), and now there is one very black mark on that metal frame.
I really can't recall doing anything dumb with electronic equipment... unless you count forgetting to tell my mom that I wanted a Mac for the house computer, instead of a damn Windows machine :D