Whats the whole purpose of this site?

I went looking for isos and i got taken to this site. is this not an iso site? Why do ya'll moderators or whatever have to be so damn strict. I know it may be the law or whatever, but Animerage said this was a place to get an iso,but if you can't ask for isos can you at least ask for iso sites?? If i get banned i'll come back.
the thing is people just get annoyed with people asking for them all the time. If you look around you'll find places to get them. i believe there's no direct links to isos on this site but there are other things that help you find them if you look.
The purpose of this board is self evident. Searching for the word 'iso' only brings up sites where that word is mentioned and does not mean the site has isos. It can even bring up sites in which the only place the word is mentioned is in a disclaimer stating there are no isos on a particular site. You just have to be patient and keep hunting for that needle in a haystack.
Originally posted by Looke@June 27 2002,16:01

If i get banned i'll come back.

They'd (arakon most likely) would ban your whole IP range. Oh, and add a cute title describing your stupidity. That's the best part.
Arakon be nice =P

If we had direct iso OR ftp links, The hosts of them would close down and users would bitch that its never available due to people leeching or attacking it, maybe shell accounts even.

Quality of FTP would drop and just be stupid as well as pointless to host.

Keeping it private to people who LOOK (and traders NEVER have issues) keeps its decent enough for people to logon. FTPA hosts are ftp that MANY users would recommend and support time and bandwitdh too. As for new ftp hosts they are diff till people say its good. Most Ftp dont last long however least no one is THAT upset when they finally have to stop. Hope that fills in some info..

(Think I should put that in the FTPA page.... I like this lol)
ISO's can be obtained without much difficulty using this websites treasure trove of ftps, but asking for it is a lot like us being your servent. Its saying that we have to do the work for you when we did it for ourselves very selfish of you. Tsk tsk tsk
Okay let me put it this way ...

There is a site SX

There is a forum

There is a FTP area

What's the problem ? .... What it's like too hard to click at FTP section of forum or you just too hard to get in because there is far too many leechers than good FTPS ...

Well .... answer is yet to be discovered !

Thank you
I'm starting to think that the rules are just there for stress relief.

Sadly everyone has been quite civil about it so far.