Whats Your Favorite Phantasy Star Game?


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Don't you just love polls?


I won`t vote cuz I can`t decide- ps2 or ps4. Ps2 is legendary- one of the first 16 bit rpg`s, and it really kicked the crap out of everything else at the time. But it suffers from too much of the "waste your time building up levels/collecting money/suffering through overly long dungeons" disease that almost all rpg`s of yesteryear suffer from (in my opinion). In that respect, Ps4 is the better game, but not the groundbreaker that is Ps2. It would be interesting to see the ps2 remake, but I don`t have any next gen systems to play it on
ps iv's a better game, well, it's more fun to lay anyway,but ps ii's got a better plot and is more, i dunno, atmosperic. ps iv seemed like the devopers were just trying to throw too much shit together, both in the story and the gameplay. macros to set up combo strikes which can be kinda useless, stuff like that. plus ps ii has some of the best music ever in a video game and those fiendish headache inducing dungeons
Sadly, I haven't played any of the originals. I've only played PSO for about 10 minutes. Did I mention I hate RPG's? LoL, don't hate me for it.... I just hate turn based stuff and the the New PS's didn't have the kind of gameplay I like either. I respect them for being good games, however, I am glad that PSO has been successful and I see that the original ps's were quite good. I wouldn't mind owning all 4, I wouldn't play them to much though.

you'd end up paying a small fortune to get all of them (except ps 3) so it's not really worth it if you don't play them

a few years ago i gave my genesis and all my games to a cousin of mine and am currently kicking myself for not having held on to ps 2 and herzog zwei

i managed to find both the ecco games and all the sonic games quickly easily and cheaply, i got -very- lucky and found a copy of ps 2 at funcoland for 10$ and am now seriously contemplating shelling out 30-45$ for an ebayed copy of ps 4.

and damn that's a lot of money for a genesis cart, a domestic genesis cart no-less. as a side note fortunantly my cousin (for whateer reason) didn't take my copy of junction when i gave him the system so there's one more or less irreplacable cart i don't have to find another copy of
Originally posted by mal@Feb 22, 2003 @ 10:55 PM

I haven't played any of them.

Me neither
. Never seem to get round to buying them. I'm really picky about playing games in order, so I need to get the Master System game first, which is easier said than done for a good price.

I will be getting PSO when it's out here, but I don't see that fitting into the timeline.
PS2 had more of a scientific atmosphere to it with its technologically advanced setting, and its simple yet powerful character design.

The up beat music of the game added alot as well, an example is when walking on motavia the digitized drums stand out in the song.

The Drum fills between beats caught my attention, because of their similarity to real instruments instead of a rehash of what every other game was doing.

The story was linear, but left alot to your imagination. I would love to see a big budget remake of this game with much more dialouge.

PS IV was incredible as a series finale, but II takes the cake.

Sega will have to introduce a PSV sooner or later. I bet these remakes are to lead up to it.