What's your username mean?

What's your username mean?

Link means Link from the Legend of Zelda Series. I threw in 343 for numbers. I would have put my name as Hypershadowsan but I had never came up with that name yet. I was on another board before doing stupid stuff and after I got 100 post, one of the owners of the boards took all my post off. So that why I came back here and I've haven't done anything stupid to get me a warning.
What's your username mean?

Back when I first got interested in Sailor Moon, I had this idea for a fangame with Tuxedo Kamen as the primary playable character. I never did any real work on it, but I did come up with a name, Mask of Destiny. A bit later (probably when I started playing HalfLife online), I decided my old alias chaostavi was lame and decided that Mask of Destiny was much cooler so I've used it ever since.

Since then I've discovered that there's some Lego bionicle site called Mask of Destiny, but I had no knowledge of the site when I created the name if it even existed back then.
What's your username mean?

Mine is a reference to an episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (or MST3K, as we fans call it). If you're not familiar with MST3K, the next paragraph won't make any sense, so I don't recommend reading on.

They were watching Godzilla vs. Megalon around the end of season two, and one character spent much of the movie racing around after the bad guys, or parking his car. Crow and Tom edit together a montage of these driving moments as a promo for the slick new television drama, "Rex Dart: Eskimo Spy!"

I thought the name sounded really cool, and combines elements of mystery, speed, and king-ness. It almost makes an obscure reference to both MST3K and Godzilla, which are two things I'm really fond of.

So, there you are. Any other MST3K/Godzilla fans here by any chance? :unsure:
What's your username mean?

I never connected your name with that. I am a huge fan of the early MST3K. The original host went to school with the weather guy from my dads tv station.
What's your username mean?

Originally my username used to be Berty Beatle of IRC. The reason? becuase i got sick of people having all of these stupid "evil" usernames, like "deathangel666", "lord of hate" etc etc. or shithouse rip-offs like "trinity" and "borg5-54". Pluse "Burt" was my grandads name.
What's your username mean?

Ah Damnit I didn't realize I already posted an answer to this earlier.

Oh well for those of you too lazy to read: Its from the end credits of Summoner for ps2. You can find it on atom films or the intarweb. Type in "summoner geeks"
What's your username mean?

Originally posted by it290@Jun 22, 2004 @ 06:28 PM

Hmm.. never noticed this thread before. Anyway, my username comes from IT-290, AKA Alpha-Methyl-Tryptamine. It's a tryptamine-derived drug, cousin of DMT but with very different effects.. basically a 24 hour trip filled with heightened awareness and synaesthesia. I took it for the first time at a rave back in 1996 and it basically has stuck with me as my DJ name ever since I got my first pair of turntables. That party was a life-changing experience, to say the least.

DJ? Raves?

Now I officially like you, more ^.^
What's your username mean?

My original screen name used to be Balbaroy, the birdman from SF1. The main reason for this is because Moogies Arc Valley chat was my first internet chatting experience and you had to pick a SF character hehe.

Then I got the urge to change my name, mainly so I could cut lose from people that had my name on aim yet still have a name that whenever I registered someplace I would not need to add numbers to the end. (Balbaroy was never used anywhere :p )

So while looking through Green Day's first CD, I noticed they had a little joke about how people at shows don't really move, they just bend there knees and move there heads backand forth. When you see large numbers of people doing this it looks like a group of trouts trying to swim upstream. So thus the mosh of the poseur became known as Ritual of the Trout.

Many people assumed that I had some love for fishing and things along those lines.
What's your username mean?

Originally posted by link343@Jun 23, 2004 @ 08:44 AM

I would have put my name as Hypershadowsan but I had never came up with that name yet.

HyperShadow means Hyper Shadow from Sonic Adventure 2, and I put san because I thought it was cool. I know it means something in Japanese language. Could someone tell me?
What's your username mean?

Originally posted by mountaindud+Jun 23, 2004 @ 04:20 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE(mountaindud @ Jun 23, 2004 @ 04:20 AM)</div><div class='quotemain'>

For some reason, I've always been interested in mal's name. I always though they were intials, the spanish word for bad.[/b]

@Jun 23, 2004 @ 04:27 PM

mal is espanol for "bad" :D


Thats wrong it means EVIL in both spanish and Portuguese, mal as in badly would be Portuguese. Badly in spanish would be "malo". There now you are all 1% smarter.

My nickname means nothing.
What's your username mean?

For the longest time I used to just lurk on these boards, since ezBoards. At one point, someone locked the forum to anonymous users and you had to register in order to view anything. I was irritated at this, and I registered the name "I_Hate_Registering_Just_To_Lurk."

I posted once on that name and got the tag Resident Lurker from mal. Then it was decided that I needed a shorter name, and voila.
What's your username mean?

im more of a lurker kind of. well not really known by anyone here atleast.

My name though is in reference to duct tape. Many many many years ago i wore duct tape pants, shoes, hat, backpack, and over coat. All made by me. And then meet this girl who loved duct tape just as much and she called her self the queen of duct tape, we screwed and i became the lord of duct tape.

What's your username mean?

Originally posted by lordofduct@Jun 26, 2004 @ 11:18 PM

My name though is in reference to duct tape. Many many many years ago i wore duct tape pants, shoes, hat, backpack, and over coat.

Hey, my friend and his prom date wore there tux and dress completly made out of duct tape. Looked crazy good, especialy the dress. I will get a picture from him and scan it in. He made it Himself too. His bitch ass date took all the credit for it when they did a news interview about it and my friend couldn't make it.

Anywho, my original was SegaSquad. I kinda got the idea from pokemon. (so shoot me, i watched pokemon in six grade). Ya know, SquirtleSquad. I thought it sounded cool with sega, being the huge sega fan that i am.

My current name? Well that originated in a game of Perfect Dark. I am not racist, but i make a lot of racist jokes, just cause they sound so bad that it is funny. Well, if anyone has played multyplayer on PD, then you know that you choose your characters body, and then his face from an assortment of bodies and faces from the game. Well i chose a white guys body, and thought it looked funny with a black dudes head on it. So i called him Shitface Baboon. Thus my email address and ebay name. Then i shortened it to fit todays games. Shitface, i use it on everygame that it can fit on. And i rarely ever get "shitfaced" drunk. So that has nothing to do with it.

I have even influenced my friends on games. I am the highest ranked gamer among my friends. So they followed in my footsteps with, CacaFace, Poopshot, Poop sniffer, and Poop on me.
What's your username mean?

Try wearing the outfit in the summer here in Florida though. Holy bejebus, i was on alot of drugs back then. Dear god what was i thinking, i dont believe i can have kids anymore after walking home from school atleast once a week in the dead heat of may and june. The outfit disapeared though, well more like melted underneath my bed, lived in the garage so it got real hot in there.

I think my parents hated me, through out the years of my child hood i lived in an attic, garage, walk in closet, and the worst... a regular closet, i slept on a pile of blankets on the floor of this 2 foot wide, 6 foot long coffin of a closet with a ply wood shelf just inches above my face which i used as a place for clothes. Many a morning i awoke to a lump on my head from smashing my face into this shelf.

Its what i get for growing up in a family of 7 kids in a 3 bedroom house.
What's your username mean?

When I was younger I played a lot to rpg (real ones, with papers, pens, dices ...), especially Warhammer (as dungeon master).

And in every medieval fantastic rpg you have wizards, scrolls, incantations and ... runes :D

Hence my name ;)