When i Try to run the Iso file my whole comp freezes :(

I renamed all files like they should be,then the track 1 file i named sfcd.iso,i through them all in the roms folder,and when i go to run on gens i click on show all files to bring it up,and when i click on the sfcd.iso file my comp freezes :( did i do something wrong or is maybe my comp too slow to run.... I know this is a probably considered a stupid question to everyone but I cant figure it out :(
well i called sister cleo to find out what game you were referring to but shes in jail....

seriously tho, a name for the game might help as well as the emu and you might want to check the compatability..not all games work.
OH we are talking of shining force!

Ok are you SURE you got a good file? sfcd is like 80 megs total (if I rem right) if you know you got a good dl let me know.
57 mb without the mp3's,I got some new conversion files and tried it and now i get a black screen,at least now it says its says the game above gens though,before it was saying no rom loaded and everything froze,any idea??