where do you recommend getting a mod-chip

Saturn Chip 21/20 Pin Chip

Lets you play CDR back ups and Asian Silver games, it will not however let you play imports or games of a different nationality (see universal adapter). Suitable for 21 pin Saturn versions and 20 pin versions, please see technical support do determine if your Saturn is suitable.


I thought 20 pin chips were hard to find and expensive. $25 doesn't seem unreasonable. I don't know squat about mod chips (still swap) so someone fill me in here.
consoleking are wrong, they have 21 pin only chips

ive had 2 from them without problems though

liksang are reliable, but far more worthwhile to get a bunch of stuff from them at once to save the shipping cost
20 pin chips are really hard to find. It's my guess that they just never updated their item description from the old days when 20 pin chips weren't so rare or they simply don't know what they're talking about.

As for where to get a mod chip, I don't really know much about the others, but playthegames.com IS safe from my experience. I've heard a lot of people say bad stuff about them in the past, but I've ordered from them 3 times now (once for a mod-chip) and have no complaints at all. I'm not sure exactly how or why they had a bad reputation for a while, but I can't see any reason not to order from them.
playthegames is ok. i had a very bad time with them but it's because i returned something and they never wrote back to tell me they got it, so i called long distance and they sold what they were supposed to have sold to me....but it all worked out in the end. i know their mods are reliable (i have one myself) just be leery. sometimes they either dont have the product in but say they do (in this case the mod chip) and a lot of times they charge you but wait for the product to arrive in the store but never tell you they were waiting for the product. also, they like to wait to send stuff out like campus pizza places. they tend to let the orders pile up before sending any back out. they are reliable but can somtimes be slow. as for lik-sang, i answered that in another thread :) but i must say their shipping time was around a week for me.
Whatever you do don't buy from consoleking...that is NOT a 20 pin mod. I bought it and guess what? Completely useless!

The pricks then gave me a hassle when I returned it!
same here, i wouldnt even recommend consoleking (or video gamecompany what ever the prats call them selves now) to my worst enemy.

Had 4 chips of them and not one of them has worked properly. and contacting them is a nightmare as, They either take ages to reply to emails, ignore them or you have to send about 5 emails till they reply.

2 chips didnt work properly

and the other 2 were complete duds.

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I ordered a 21-pin mod and a 4M Booster pack from lik-sang last Wednesday. Even though they said it would take 7-30 days, I got it Tuesday.

Be warned though, they did not ship anything in an antistatic bag. The mod and Booster pack (A pro action replay+ clone) work fine, but they could have been damaged, so it's still a risk.