Which complement is better?

Cute:, alright looking usually for a different reason for somebody, and usually because of a particular facial feature, or in my case, too nice to call anything less.

Hot(t): Uh, I don't usually care to call women this, only when I feel like being an average teenager. Can we please get rid of this word in this regard??? What happened to comely? or fly?
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From bitter experience I would recommend that you try to look and act as manly as possible (and that doesn't mean being an aggressive jerk).

my gf finds me attractive (i think) when i demand she cooks me somehting or bring me something to eat while at her house.
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::Thinks:: Isnt that what I said in my post? ;)

Hot - I Want him......AND to show him off to the other girls and make them jelous

Cute - I want to hang with him, Yea the teddy bear is right

Note....my sis and I never cared for men that much anyways. (Relationship wise)

You did what with your sister?

S_M_A_C_K pervert! DOnt get any ideas now. I just KNEW someone would try that one......(Anyone see now why we think men just like suck? LOL too unstable really. ;)