Which is faster on cable modem ?

ahh, it's ISA for sure... unless of course you don't have FSB and then you should definately use PTP.

*coughs and falls out of her chair laughing*


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are you asking if a nic connection is better than a usb connection? I always thought that a USB connection would compromise speed. But i don't know.
i used to use mine through usb, but found it had a tendancy to drop the connection when left on for a long time (over 24 hours or so)

since using it on a nic instead ive not had problems like that, so id recommend the nic route

note that i hate usb anyway though

theoretically neither is faster, since your cable modem is at best transfering 1mbit/sec of data, well usb1 can do upto 12mbit/sec while network connections over ethernet are either 10mbit or 100mbit depending on the card used

either way both are faster than the cable modem can possibly use at present

the only thing that might make a difference is if you had a lot of usb devices, espically those like scanners, hard drives, digital cameras and printers, as well as the modem on usb, which you were using all at the same time, since thats obviously going to cut down on your available bandwidth for the modem.

thats more likly to be an issue when usb 2.0 has become the standard, which is alot faster anyway (480mbit/sec i think is a figure ive seen quoted)
cable modems can go up to 8 Mbit/second, max

around here, where I am, it's 1.5 Mbits/second guaranteed

USB handles 11 Mbits/second

Ethernet handles 100 Mbit/second

either way, USB or Ethernet, is enough. all depends on if you want a home network or not. home networks are easier to work with a cable modem, if you use Ethernet and a Router.

though, a lot of people do prefer ethernet for cable modem, as that's one less driver to worry about. USB Driver is needed, for a cable modem. with ethernet, one doesn't have to worry about it.