Ok, I know its someone that visits the site, and if you keep trying to send me viruses and all that kinda garbage in my email i'll find out who you are and deal with you. I've already requested that my ftp be taken off the ftpa and that all my ftp posts be removed from the board. and if your wondering i'm using this accoutn becasue i am unable to log into my Ratamahatta account becasue someone changed my password, good work.
you should ask ice to change your password if at all possible(i'm assuming it is), and captian i think the oral sex thing happend just to teach rat a lesson but what ever that's what i came to by reading the posts in one of the forums right after it happend(actually when it was happening). Hey rat i hope you can work out your problems eventually i'll want to download snatcher from you.
Download it from where? I deleted my ftp software after it happened. The last thing i need is for some smart ass to upload a rar virus to completely destroy my ftp.
Why the #### would someone wanna do this? They mad cause they can't connect to the FTP (that's my guess)?
Looks like its finished. Like I said before that last thing i need is some smart ass to upload a rar virus and lose the ftp anyways. If it did coem back it would be private and thats a waste of time.
I understand that its a real shame to see you go I like your server it was one of the best......private isn't bad idea maybe have people you know or trust and if wanna make public have people email ya and stuff for private account that way you know at all times who is allowed on your ftp might be a little pain but be a terrible loss to lose your ftp totally
Yea, bring it back, but only let people you know and/or trust on it. I doubt it was one of the normal members here. It was probly one of those types of people that have been comming into SX latly and talking about how were all just Warez/ISO's Kiddies, and how were all evil and will go to #### for our pirating ways.
What don't kill ya only makes ya stronger......Don't you like a challenge? and what you mean you act like your nothing now you are still one of the most respected ppl on here no matter what nick or how many postings or whether it says fresh meat #### this is my thrid registered nick i been coming here awhile i just get sick of being one person disappear come back as another I like being fresh meat lol because than when i pretty staright fowar and usually know what i'm talking about look a little more intelligent and not just another newbie lol

And by quitting completely your letting whoever is messing with ya win
Somthing similar happened to Cloud121 a while back, although it was an admin that did it to him. He had about 600 or so posts, the next minute -26 posts. He was the first person that I know of to get negative posts, so don't feel so bad. Back before you came to SX, when I first came here, I got yelled at a LOT by people because of how much I posted. I remember having about 400 posts when Arakon only had like 200. Ahh...those were the days. Besides, youl get your account and your title back, im sure Ice or one of the other admins will help you out.

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If you don't wanna continue your ftp maybe you should check into hotline find someone to host a tracker for ya and start a big sega hotline server and keep the tracker private you might even get a nice little community going if enough ppl wanna serve on the tracker pretty much same as ftp but in ways a little better you know who is on your server......at least you would still be helping out the community.....I'm surprised myst didn't think of that lol its not DC but pretty close
Looks like its finished. Like I said before that last thing i need is some smart ass to upload a rar virus and lose the ftp anyways.

Maybe I'm being an idiot here, but how do you create a virus that propagates via WinRAR?
ExCyber --> I think he means someone uploads a virus packed as a game, and it sounds so good that he runs the executable :) Of course, I was shaking my head too when he said it was a Rar virus :)

Of course it would make more sence if someone was attacking his IP or something. But viruses are something really only the user can protect against.
You can create a virus that is inside the rar files, and when i go to unrar and test them, boom, the virus is airborne so to speak on my system. infects all otehr rar files makes them useless to me, I've had it happen before. Oh and yes I have my old accoutn working properly thanks to Ice.
ya and some virus programs don't scan rars that well.;that and there's some viruses that can have any file type(i'm assuming)
And if you dont like me, just tell me, dont be a complete fuckin goof and screw around with my accounts or with my ftp. If you dont like me, too bad, dont deal with me or read my posts. Simple as that. pardon my language, but it had to be said. Thanks to the people that have actually stuck by me for so long and dont have a problem with me.