Why did they get rid of the headphone jack?

Does anybody ever wonder why on Earth Sega decided to get rid of the headphone jack on the Genesis when they released the second model? Does that decision seem stupid to anyone else??

Personally, I didn't like the change... with the Model 1, I rarely ever played anything without ultracrisp stereo headphones; I even went and bought fancy Sony headphones to use with it. The main output for the console had no stereo, true, but if you have one of those lying around, you can go down to the local electronic junk store and, to this day, find new wiring that will connect your Genesis Mark I to your TV.

When the interface plug between my Genesis and Sega CD was screwed up, I traded with a friend that had a newer model console so it would work right, and was extremely disappointed they got rid of the headphone jack! In fact, it disgusted me so much that I wanted to buy a CDX to get that capability back! (and I finally did find one for cheap not too long ago). To me, sound makes the game.

The most irritating part is that every other full-size console out there (that I've ever played, anyway) doesn't have a headphone jack either! This problem has, in fact, created a market for new bookshelf stereo systems and portable "boomboxes" to include inputs and outputs for video games.

If the answer is (well, because it makes the machine $3 cheaper to make in the factory) it doesn't surprise me... it was the first step Sega took down the road to #### (which, naturally, is paved in good intentions.)
well, overall production cost had to be lowered in order to be a competition to nintendo back then.

but if you have some soldering skills, you can quite easily add your own headphone jack. you won't have volume controls without some extra stuff, but other than that it's a 1:1 wiring job. I added one to my genny 3 not long ago.
The JVC X'eye also has a headphone and microphone jack (for karoake).

Yeah, the headphone jack was dropped due to lowering costs. It bites but i guess they felt not many people used it. I sure did...i still love playing genesis w/ headphones...I used to record some game music through the headphone jack....

for volume control you could just use one of the inline headphone volume knobs you get at radio shack for 2 bucks (you plug the headphone into it, it into the jack, and yer all set)

honestly i see no reason for consoles to have a headphone jack, since most converted to A/V inputs.. a 2 dollar RCA to 1/8th mini jack convertor runs you mebbe a buck..

myself, I run the audio outs on my vcr to a set of pc/multimedia speakers which have a much more conveniently-located headphone jack (though the sound from the speaks is juss fine and dandy)
Okay, there are workarounds, but I think it was a mistake to take that feature out in general.

And I've been looking for an RCA to headphone-compatible wire and never found one anywhere, as hard as that might be to believe... (at any local stores anyway)

Honestly though, it's a nice convenience that should've been kept.
My Neo-Geo (Homesystem and arcade system) have headphone jacks and so does my US Turbo Duo system and Model 1 US Sega genesys and Pioneer LaserActive unit....Oh and all of them have volume controls, maby its because those systems are awesome and the others are just cheaper junk. ;) Thats just my opinion. :)