Why is 'In the Hunt' so SNES-like-ish?

hi saturn freaks!

i like this board a lot. all of you are hellla bad-ass for being into retro-gaming!

so i got 'in the hunt' off of a generous ftp server [i think lerpakungen's] because i have fond memories of playing the arcade version of it once in a tiny town in the middle of kansas way back in 1986.

i've played the game before in the M.A.M.E. arcade emulator, but it doesn't have any sound, so i was eager to try it on my trusty Saturn.

i was very pleased when i saw that the graphics were exactly the same as the arcade, so i started playing on the 1-player mode .... but as soon as the first ship floats overhead, the game m....a....s....s.....i....v.....e...l...y slows down? WTF??

is this just a bad conversion? or did the arcade game have intentional slow-downs so you can avoid all the bullets?

come on!! this isn't like radiant silverg. or thunderforce 5! surely my awesome ltitle saturn can handle all those bullets on the screen???

your friend,


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actually a massive amount of sprites can bring down the saturn too. I believe the arcade had some slowdown too, tho.