Why would I be banned?



Uh uh buddies. I don't understand why I would be in danger of being banned. In the buy/sell board, I simply defended myself from being slandered by Cecilia Chen. She/he tried to get me banned from the start by stating that I posted auctions from eBay, and still persisted even after I provided everyone with proof that what she/he said was a complete lie. So, I'm sorry if you are offended by people defending their good names, but if I'm not mistaken, I'm not the only person on this board who can't stand liars.
Well, in all fairness I doubt it would deserve a ban. But doing more things just to be anoying like this avitar crap is pretty lame.

By the way, in all seriousness, im not for or against anyone BigDAlcala, but that thread about posting roms doesn't make people think you know the rules, which is why probably that ebay deal doesn't sound so agreable.

Edit: And by the way, you didn't provide any proof at all. All you did was start calling people liars and stuff.
Make sure you read the entire thread before you say I stated no proof. The proof is all there.
I have read the thread, and judging from other peoples comments, they have too. Most seem quite anoyed with you. If your so sure about yourself why are you so afraid about being banned for?

Regarding your proof, at best you have one or two people who remember it one way, and a bunch of people who remember it otherwise. Even at best, you still shot yourself in the foot by being so blatantly rude and starting to resort to wild name calling and other childish shit like this avatar thing. NOT ONCE did I recall Cecilia ever responding to you with any less respect, nor did she ever resort to name calling or anything else. While everyone has disagreements, she has always addressed people with the utmost respect, and she has been here a hell of a lot longer than you. At every moment, she has turned a blind eye from your childish actions and has followed up your comments and criticisms with respect and objective points.

On top of that, even after you decided to try and drag her into the mud by not responding to her comments respectably, and by saying all sorts of things about her which has absolutely no baring or contributing factor to the conversation, you pull a stunt like this by bringing this mud slinging to the main forum with all this avatar shit. Even after being treated in such a way, she still hasn't spoken a SINGLE nasty or deflimating word to you. Not once has she pull any of the cheap stunts and sucker punches you have. And if you ask anyone who has been around for a long time like SkankinMonkey, or even anyone who has had a disagreement with her, they will attest as well as me, that she has NEVER responded or talked with the lack of respect you have paid her. If anything I think more people are upset with the way you addressed her than the actual matter itself. I know I am.
Ya, she's been here a long time, and while she has had diffrence of opinions with people (Which is the reason you have open forums like this), I haven't seen her address ANYONE in such a matter. She has always replyed to them in a very respectible way. In fact she's done things like start that community spirit thread and other positive things. I definalty don't think she deserves this kind of treatment.
Hahaaaahaaaa! Ahem! Excuse me. Well, if you consider a blatant lie in order to try to get me banned not disrespect, well, you need to check your definition of disrespect. Change my icon huh? Well, fine, I guess I will, since this isn't my board and I don't dictate what is done on it, you do, fine I will. But my views have not changed, nonetheless.
And I understand that. That is why I haven't changed my thoughts
I must admit that no matter how strange I find some of Cecelia's views, she is always a model of politeness.

Hey Energizer, you're not Trenton's alter ego are you?

You just seem to post in the same threads in the same sort of way as Trenton_net at around the same sort of time. Probably just a coincidence...