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I just spent lik 2 hours downloading vf 2 from some ftp around here (dunnow which it was just in my favorites list) and it was just one rar file. The one rar had the vf2 iso and 33 audio tracks. When i try to play an audio track on my computer it says "requested file not found. link may be outdated or innacurate." what do i do?
Did you extract the ISO and 33 audio files out of the RAR file before playing, or were you trying to play the audio file inside the RAR file? I can tell you the latter is generally not a good idea.
no i have all the winrar files. I'm telling you the guy who uploaded it uploaded the whole game into one winrar .rar file. but never mind i fixed my own problem. two music player programs were conflicting one another so i turned winamp to manual so it played in realplayer when i clicked it.