Wipeout2097 for Saturn, w/PSX Special Edition Music?

I was extracting my fave saturn game, when I decided to see if I could get my friend's version of wipeout 2097 for PSX *boo! Hiss* and put i'ts *better* music in place of the saturn versions music. The saturn version has 11 tracks, whereas the psx version has 12. Is this a problem? Can I do this? And most importantly, WILL IT WORK? :x
i have Wipeout 2097 (pal version) for saturn but does anyone know the music track names and the band that made them (or are they all from Cold Storage?)?

im asking cuz i want to burn a cd compilation of the best of all the Wipeout music (i have Wipeout XL and 3 as well) but i cant run Wipeout 2097 cuz i dont have a 50/60hz switch in my saturn (and im scared to try and put one in) does someone have a list of the track names?
YEEHAA!!!! IT WORKS! It dosnt read the *REAL* name of the tracks, but it reads all 12! I have now tried it with all my fave wip3out tracks also, and a few cold storage i like :*), yes, all the music in wipeout for sat is cold storage, it has a pc port of the game (its exact!), btw.

I have 30 tracks on wipeout 2097 now! It gets confused, as only 11 names register, but you can cycle through the tracks quite happily! *ALL 30!!*