Wires used on a Saturn modchip


I lost the wire on my mod that connects to the 5V inside the Saturn. Before I go to Radio Shack, can someone please tell me what type of wire I should buy for this connection? What voltage and gauge?


It's just a regular ol' thin insulated wire. You actually lost it, as in it's gone? How'd that happen
And isn't there another wire leading to the CD drive?

You could always just strip a telephone cable apart and use one of its wires.
That's what I did. But it wasn't a result of losing the wire, but rather the wire being too short. There's no way in hell they could honestly think the wire they included was long enough.
I know what you mean. On my mod, the wires were just barely long enough that I didn't have to add to or replace them...
If you can mod your Saturn using the 'A+B' method you can use the redundant signal wire to extend the 5v wire.
Yeah... I could do that... but since it's already in there, I simply used a phone cable wire. I guess that's the only thing I can fault gamegizmo on, the wire was as Zero said only about half as long as it needed to be. Pretty silly, 5 cents of cheap wire short of being perfect.
I don't think it's gamegizmo's fault.

Most of my mods, if not all, have had wires that are too short and I've got them from Lik-Sang and Lan-Kwei as well.