with this modchip

That mod board lets you play CDRs.

It does not remove territory lock out. To bypass the counrty code you still need to get a cart (Action Replay or similar), install a country switch, or use Satconv on the games' iso or bin files before burning them.

(Edited by mal at 5:15 pm on Dec. 3, 2001)
how do you install a country switch? is it kinda like that 50/60 switch thing for Genesis? does it require any soldering? does that 50/60 switch require soldering? where are the instructions for the 50/60 switch? if you do the 50/60 switch, you can play BOTH NTSC and PAL games right? where're the instructions on how to do the country switch?
Cloud121, couldn't you see the links I put in?

You go to all this effort, but do they notice?

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