Write email, win Hundred Swords

I figured I'd go ahead and let some of you who don't goto SegaFans on a frequent basis know that we're giving away a copy of Hundred Swords, the 'cancelled' Dreamcast Strategy/RPG, for PC. It was only released in Japan, and therefore available on the DC in Japanese only. But if you win the copy we're giving away, you can check it out in English on your PC.

To win the game, you just have to write in an email to our Mailbag during December. We have weekly topics posted for you to reply to, just in case you can't think of anything else to write. We'll keep your email addresses and then hold a random drawing for a winner.

The contest is open to anyone. Anyone who lives outside the US will have to pay for the shipping, though. For any more questions or details, see the link on SegaFans' news & updates page..
Originally posted by Jaded God@Dec. 01 2002, 10:18 am

I would do it if it was for a DC copy of it... PC games just aren't useful to me.

Like Chakan wrote above, the DC version is Japanese only. So if you can't read or understand Japanese, what good is the DC version (in terms of being able to play it)?