XP question

I upgraded to WinXP Pro over the weekend. So far everything is great [it's so much faster than WinMe, which was so much faster than Win98SE, which was so much faster than Win95 :)]. My only issue is my beloved FlashGet 0.95 doesn't seem to wanna run. It just freezes, and then XP tells me it's not responding.

Being a sad lil' 56k dialup kid, I really need to have a d/l manager. I'm very fond of FlashGet, but I'm willing to look for love in new places since [so far] XP is so much better than WinMe - mostly faster, but I haven't had one OS or app [execpt FlashGet] problem yet either.

Thanx in advance babies and babettes.
If you're talking about FTP programs, I recommend LeapFTP, if you're talking about those nasty download http queue type things, then get gozilla or getright, they should work just fine
Bullet Proof FTP can queue HTTP downloads as well as FTP. As for stuff that doesn't have stupid ads, nagging, time limits, etc. the only program I know of is wget, but it's a commandline tool and not likely to be much good for anything but a download that's planned in advance - there's no way to quickly add/remove files from its get list, for example.

Edit: D'oh! Decided to see where the main version of wget was and, sure enough, found a link to a proper GUI frontend for Win32...

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Mothreat, get Download Accelerator. I'm using it and it works fine under Win XP Pro. B t w, is dl managers actually improving the speed for you with a modem? Before I got my cable modem I tried a dl manager once and it was actually slower than the usual speed. Some of my friends also discovered that....strange
i personally liked thae fact you could queue a whole load of files up using download managers when i was on 56k, rather than any supposed speed increase

and the resuming is useful for the bigger stuff
Moral Threat: You should've upgraded to Windows 2000 instead. It has much more compability than XP. FlashGet works fine under Win 2k, I know because I use it.
No offense, but I don't like Win2k at all. I don't even consider trying it again. Of course that was with an upgrade from NT4 [which I flat out hate], so maybe a "cleaner" install would be fine. Who knows with WinBlows. ;)

Oddly enough, I tried using FlashGet again with some smaller files. It asked a couple setup type questions when forming the que, I answered them, and now it runs fine.
2000 sucks ass. Oh and by the way I use getright (yeah I know... but it works really well...) or perhaps you could try 3dftp... it works for both ftp (ie.acess to the stuff)and http stuff. stuff i used it again. Oh and are we a legal xp owner or otherwise... If not where did you get yours cos my cd of XP is stuffed... ahem... and I really need to find one fast cos ME is crashing and driving me round the bend (not to the point of me being bent)
whats your problem with win2k exactly?

ive found it to be far more stable, and the only thing it doesnt have drivers for is my scanner (hardly surpurising, sinces its a cheapo old parallel port one)

win ME is utter utter shite by the way, win98se was far better and that was far from perfect
every windows up to xp has bee very unstable on my setup. Xp has not crashed once even with my screwed up motherboard which I got replaced. I agree me is a bit dodgy but so is win 98 (i havent got the 2nd one cos I cant be bothered to dl the iso... what with xp being around). the only thing xp has problems with is univbe but I had problems with that in 98. so eveything works apart from zsnes etc. plus if you want a program to work its got a compatability system where you choose which windows kernel to run the program on... every one since 95. All you have to do is go to properties.

anyhow 2000 cant run any of my old games and gues what xp can. That my friend is why i use xp.