Yamaha CD engraver unit?

the text writing ability of it is merely a silly gimmic that costs plenty of space on the cdr too. it doesn't copy the saturn protection either.
Thanks for your comments, but I am already aware of what this unit can and cannot do. However, I still want one for all the "right" reasons it was built for. Would you (or someone else) happen to have a model name, number or even a release date or something I could use to search for information about this drive? I looked at www.Yamaha.com but they are too busy talking about the new audio CD-Rs.
This might have been introduced in earlier models, but it's a feature of the CRW-F1, which will apparently achieve full CAV recording, unprecedented recorded signal quality, high speeds, excellent reliability, and the salvation of mankind. You'll apparently have to wait until July 15 though, unless OEM versions start shipping sooner.