Yet another newbie

I'm a newbie to this board (as my post count/registration date would point out), and I'd like to say hi. I'm a member at Moogie's Shining Force Boards over at, which run in the same ikonboard mode as this place. I've seen some members here which I recognize, Piccolo being one of them. What a troublemaker eh? That little punk has always caused us mods trouble over at SFC...Him and his multiple accounts.

I joined to get help with FTPs...But I hope I can still talk with other members who love Shining Force and Lunar just as much as I do :biggrin:

I love the shining force series but who else here feels that Shining Force 2 on the Genesis was better then the Saturn version?? It had more atmosphere and I dunno, maybe I'm just nostalgic about it...