Your biggest gaming let down


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Tell me - what do you consider the biggest gaming related let down you have ever had? Which game did you think was "da bomb" until you got it home and played it? Which game was just plain over hyped?

For me the biggest disappointment was Metropolis Street Racer for DC. Don't get me wrong - it was a good game in it's own right - but what happened to those awesome sceen shots of ultra-elite cars with wicked-cool paint jobs weaving through crowded city streets? It was one of the first titles I bought and to be honest, I felt a little cheated
So far my biggest let down has been Sonic CD. I loved all the Genesis Sonic games and won a copy of CD off eBay. I got it home, played it once, haven't played it since. Too weird for my tastes.
Well, I can't be too disappointed with my copy of Sonic CD. "Copy" being the operative word
My biggest let down would have to be Nights: Into Dreams... for Sega Saturn, I heard from alot of people that it was a great game, read the reviews and decided to pick it up.

When I got it home I thought it was over-rated, hard to control and kinda silly. {flying egg clock??!!} Still can't believe everyone thought this would be THE replacement for Sonic.....

It has sat on my game rack ever since I bought it gathering dust, in fact it was only fired up a few times.

I learned a valuable lesson though... don't buy hype... oh yeah and blockbuster game rental is your friend
Yeah I know Night's got a really loyal cult type following, i'll be hearing about that one for a long time...

I might sell my almost mint copy of it in the near future so don't kill me just yet. LOL

I'm gonna leave myself wide open for a flaming here, but here goes...

My biggest gaming letdown was Mario 64.

Reasoning for this? Well, the hype machine was in full effect, the screenshots looked fantastic, magazines were giving it ridiculous scores like 11/10, and as Super MarioWorld is one of my fave games ever I was VERY excited.

So the N64 was finally released in Japan. I parted with 350 quid for an RGB modded one with a copy of Mario 64. I set it up and started playing... I was absolutely STUNNED by the brilliance of this game, it truly did seem like the best thing ever! So what went wrong?

Well, I got about halfway through it and the brilliance ran out. The latter half of the game in my opinion is a dull rehash of the first half of the game. Everything I came across I'd seen before. All the puzzles seemed somehow boring. I did finish it and felt cheated as all the rumours at the time about getting 120 stars opening new levels and Yoshi being a playable character turned out to be false. I was so pissed off in fact that I got rid of the N64, as at the time there was nothing else out I thought was worth having. Pilotwings 64 for me wasn't a patch on the original.

So there's my story of how the best game ever became such a disappointment. I did forgive it eventually tho, and I did grow to love the game, I just wish I could forget about it and start afresh with the first half of the game, as it was such a brilliant gaming experience
I went out and bought Zelda II - Link to the past the day it came out, had been waiting sense I finished Zelda I.. Without the internet back then If you were broke and didn't have a magazine rack near your house you could actually never see the game before it came out or read any reviews..

anyway, I got Zelda II home and was sooooo pissed for weeks.
They all suck powerfully. Like the space between void.

For a positive surprise, Ape Escape. I never thought bottomless-pit 3D platform jumping could be so not-frustrating. Best PS1 game ever.

EDIT: Remember before the internet was commonplace, back when MK3 first came out? Remember when all the fatalites and most of the move commands changed? I had a hand in that. You'd be amazed at what you can do with a rollerball pen, office paper, a free copier, and all of this inside a major amusement event. I think we distributed about 500 move lists in one day... Then a week later, Midway went and changed everyone's fatalites.
For me the biggest disappointment yet is the ending of C64 Last Ninja 2. After wasting I don't know how many lives on the last level, using a trick to help with lighting the candles I finally managed to kill the final boss only to be rewarded with a single screen of text. Bah!
My biggest disapointment is the resent Final Fantasy games...

In my opinion they have totally ruined the final fantasy series, the movie wasnt much to my liking either.

Give me a copy of final fantasy 2 or 3 anyday over the crap they have out now.

Although i did enjoy FF7 quite a bit.
Square just needs to calm down and not release so many games. They need to just take their time and make sumthing NEW, like a new series. Or, they need to add sumthing a little new to the FF series. They are kinda doing this with the GBA/GCN hookup thing but who knows what that will be like (we should know by the end of e3). Mainly the FF series just needs a decent story line, everything since FF7 sucked, FF8 was the worst!
Agreed on the Final Fantasy fronts. The ending to Half-Life was a letdown after such an amazing game.. Actually Final Fantasy 7's ending wasn't too hot either. Biggest gaming tragedy was Sephiroth killing Aeris.. I was literally in shock for days I think.

*sniff* I don't wanna think about it anymore
Shining Force III and Burning Rangers. I just don't like either very much and I can't see why they were so beloved by saturn owners. And that @$@$#@$# Bubble Sympthony. Beautiful music, horrible gameplay. Nothing like the original. Come to think of it there were more crap games for Saturn then they were good or decent games. *sigh*
Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one.

I really like both Shining Force III and Burning Rangers.

I agree that the worshipping they get might be a bit over the top sometimes, but I feel they're still great games.

On the other hand I don't see what the fuss is with Shining Wisdom.

Maybe I need to have another look... ???
i resented purchasing Kid Chameleon for the Genesis. I had no idea how badly the graphics were until I played it at home. I have no idea how i conviced myself that it was worth buying... i think i read somewhere about the million helmets and personae you can exhibit...maybe that's why i bought it. It was fun though....for like 5 minutes.