Irena Genesis Metal Fury Kickstarter
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Irena Genesis Metal Fury is a brand new shoot'em up designed for the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive which is inspired by classic games of the 90’s such as Thunder Force III / IV, Aero Blaster, Super Shinobi II and Contra Hard Corps.

Fenrir 21-pin version update
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Ced2911 reports that the Fenrir 21-pin version is now compatible with all hardware revisions.
Fenrir ODE Firmware 2020/10/28
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Release Notes
  • Add Internal Backup Ram export to sdcard

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What's a homepage?
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I added a homepage like we used to have, so it's almost like we're a real boy--website again!

Let me know if there are any problems.
XMas Release : Kronos 2.1.5
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Amazing release by the Kronos Team ( @FCare @Benjamin Siskoo )

Features : Added bios language option. Games like Rayman or Powerslave will be in the language of your choice and depends of the bios. (Will-LWE).
ST-V Emulation : Cotton 2 : Fixed missing trees (FCare).
ST-V Emulation : Mausuke No Ojama The World : Fixed missing background in game (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : 3D Baseball : Fixed sound problem in game. Speaker said the name of the player twice (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Astra Super Stars : Fixed non booting game. The game is now bootable and playable (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Capcom Generation 5 : Fixed missing Arts. The screen is not properly displayed (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Corpe Killer : Fixed non booting game. In game, when you shoot enemies, they're not dying (Devmiyax).
Saturn Emulation : GeGeGe No Kitarou - Gentou Kaikitan : Use the built in bios, the game is playable with. With the real bios, the game is not booting (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Joe Engine : Fixed Rotation (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Kidou Senshi Z Gundam - Zenpen Zeta No Kodou : The game is booting and is playable with the built-in bios but not working with the real bios (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Kunoichi Torimonochou : Fixed missing GFX on the press start screen. The game is now playable (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Moon Cradle : The game is booting and playable with the built-in bios, but not working with the real bios (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : NBA Live 98 : Fixed colors problem in game (FCare).
Saturn Emulation : NFL Quarterback Club '97 : Fixed GFX artefacts on players in game (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : NHL '98 : Fixed freeze before entering in game. The game is booting and it's almost playable. Flickering with stands (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : NHL All-Star Hockey : Fixed non booting game. The game is now booting and playable (Devmiyax / FCare).
Saturn Emulation : Nobunaga No Yabou Sengoku...
Translating Dracula X / SOTN Beta V1.02
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Progress tracker:

The moment everybody has been waiting for, the cross over from translation to improvements.

In this patch, you will find the following updates:
All ending freezes have been fixed.
Beezlebub freeze has been fixed.
After defeating Dracula the first time with Richter, the title of CASTLEVANIA appears.
All time text has been fixed and is formatted correctly.
Cloak Setting has been fixed.
Sort Item has been fixed.
Advice is renamed to Voices and now displays the names of the actors of the Japanese hidden voices.
Death's scrolling text has been fixed the first time you meet him.
Some graphical glitches have been fixed.
Fixed item names and descriptions.
Richter portrait has been fixed.
Comments now display your selected name.

Known bugs.
If you have 10+ items, the number may go beyond allotted space.
Maria holy glass fight is unskippable.

Things to do for the improvement portions of the next build.
Quick access to map.
Fix slowdowns.
Add shadow to text.
Figure out the Shukuchi boots and see if it can be unlocked.
Add in a Richter sprite that matches good Richter portrait and not the evil one.
Add English Voices.
Add PSP text.
Expand text size to allow exact PSX translation.

Started a KanBan over at Trello, all bugs and features could be reported at Trello .

This version is now a safe version to start repros. Even though I do not recommend selling this translation patch, I know
people are going to do so regardless, so please mark version 1.2 on the label, credit me for this patch, show people where they can go for updates,
update a non translation patch with a translation patch available for free, and offer disc only versions for people to update.

I am currently going to take a little pause from this project and focus on other things, so do not expect any of...

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