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    Movie Night

    equilibrium or boondock saints
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    Yea, all he does is bash republicans in all his movies, ignore the part in bowling for columbine where he blasted clinton for kosovo.
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    Fahrenheit 9/11

    I saw the movie last night, good movie.
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    Bonkers 12

    CD 1 - Hixxy CD 2 - Sharkey CD 3 - Scott Brown CD 4 - Breeze and Styles
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    Bonkers 12

    Go buy it or download it I don't care! It's the best (Happy) Hardcore distro out there now. CD4 is fucking amazing, it even has a happy hardcore remix of torn by torn by natalie imbruglia for all you aussies out there. :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up: :thumbs-up:
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    The First Annual SX Get Together!

    Actually he quite enjoyed it, was a good surprise.
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    Is Working Designs dying?

    Lunar 3 was supposed to be being worked on, but we have heard nothing about that in years. And since gamearts seems to like traslating their own games now (the GBA lunar) we may see this fall straight through their hands.
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    The First Annual SX Get Together!

    This wouldn't be the first meeting of SX people. Rev, Segadult, and Skank met up and crashed bugulas wedding a few years ago.
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    Anybody have GMail yet?

    I have GMail :)
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    Kingdom of Loathing

    i played this for a while a few months ago. what is a really fun and free online game is gunbound :)
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    Happy Birthday!

    :o :o :o no way~!!! sux that he was banned for no reason :( thanks mal! :)
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    Planning a trip to Japan

    spizooozle 愛液 あいえき
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    Planning a trip to Japan

    私も、日本語を話せるから :ph34r:
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    Planning a trip to Japan

    don't go they'll bukkake you!!!!
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    Endless Mode in StepMania

    I once played all of 4th mix on my feet in a nonstop on the psx and had under 500 greats for the whole set. it's about 50 songs, all on heavy.