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    Sonic 3D Blast - Dodgy Saturn CD or Rare beta?

    good for you check you pm box
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    Sonic 3D Blast - Dodgy Saturn CD or Rare beta?

    Longtime no see boys! :devil .....I'm only here because I saw stuff about this on SCARZ.... RIGHT! If I remember right, Sonic 3d Blast's Movie files made use of the 'Truemotion' Codec. did you try using one of the tools foundhere? I think 'Duck.bin' would of been a big enough give-a-way...
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    Girl Question

    :lol: ...thats a new one on me!
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    Alex Kid in Miracle World

    Ah yes...alex kidd...took me ages to finish this game, but it was great fun to play! :lol:
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    Dead and loving it!

    well i guess my nights on the pull are over :( but i'm not one bit bothered, as i've found happiness with her :wub: and will not be unfaithful (it's just not on...) No, I never got the job in the end :rolleyes: , closing date for the interviews was the 20th. i'll keep checking for another...
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    Dead and loving it!

    ok, to answer in more detail...... the cause of the 'Episodes' was 'ventricular fibrillation', in which the electrical activity of the heart is chaotic and the heart's main pumping chambers quiver, rather than beat effectively. This results in little or no blood being pumped throughout the...
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    What are you listening to?

    same here, i'm listening to panzer dragoon saga, shining force 3 and nights Also JPOP -Ayumi Hamasaki Mr Children Gackt Morning Musume Luna Sea
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    Dead and loving it!

    As of Dec 18th, I was 'dead'! and 3 days later I was dead again... Kinda handy that I was at the hospital when it happened the first time...I was there for a job interview, working the night shift on the pc's in the offices keeping them 'regular'. I was found slumped over in a chair with no...
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    Sonic Adventure DX PC demo

    right click and save tartget on the sadx_trial_b.exe txt!
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    Sonic Adventure DX PC demo

    TRIAL Great! Thats me happy till the full game comes out over here! ;)
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    Genesis in a can.....of soup???

    Perhaps the most bizarre use of a megadrive ever... 'Altered Beast'
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    ice us a small can it be? ;)
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    Virtua Fighter 3tb

    Jacky all the way......clould ....wanna fight over who's the better out of jacky/sarah? :devil
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    I Building t3h c0mputar t00

    Somthings wrong there d00d....when a case costs more the a 120gb HD.....and whats with the k/brd-mouse price??? $25 topps i'd pay... power $95....did the case not come with one? ......but i guess, if you want a p0w3rfu1 HAVE to shell out on uber parts like these!......:P bulid me...
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    Next contest and the web page

    count me out....i'm a complete novice at that... :lol: