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    Huge Deals at gamestop!!!!!!!!!&#3

    ive been buying dc's for 19.99 for awhile
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    toejam and earl

    i loved toejam and earl's catchy tunes
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    The post your gaming stuff/area thread.

    i wont post mine cuz everyone will envy and suicide
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    Next Console Purchase!

    third party mem caards beg for u to lose saves edit: get a wavebird, they rox
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    OCR tool with japanese characters

    office 2003's image document viewer thing lets you highlight and copy paste japanese text into word from scans
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    What games have you bought lately?

    i didnt like kunoichi, primarily because it sucks ass
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    Next Console Purchase!

    gamecube > xbox
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    just a question

    And that was months ago, right? You really need to get over it. As it was, your last crusade was over a post (or thread - I can't remember) that I allegedly deleted. You went on about it for pages and pages, but it was all a load of rubbish, wasn't it? What I want to know is what's the big...
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    just a question

    OK, I'll be more specific. What is it that I (in particular) am doing that's wrong? [/b] how about when you edited my posts to make me say things i DIDNT SAY and in NO WAY told users that you had done so, and silenced me when i attempted to do so, i guess thats just fun and kicks and isnt...
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    just a question

    i like the rule where i cant run my ftp the way i want to, and i have seen multiple occasions where mods on the board asked for games or encouraged piracy, why werent they immediately banned too
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    FCC okays use of F-word on TV!!!

    for sake of linking it since someone will, edit: should i be able to see my warn logs? edit2: i looked at joes untopicly related subject post and figured it out
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    FCC okays use of F-word on TV!!!

    Unlike you, we have to try to sound like utter morons, rather than being one implicitly
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    FCC okays use of F-word on TV!!!

    saying 'fucking cum swapper' in front of lil kids is def not ok
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    Which Colossal Death Robot Are You?

    Scowling wilfully towards Autobot City, you're Megatron! Look in a mirror and feel the evil. Then eat the mirror. You eat mirrors for breakfast. You are a badass death robot. You busted on Optimus Prime. You. Are. Megatron. Go outside and burn some animals, because you're worth it.
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    PS-2 Model SCPH-50004 & S400 iLink connector..

    PS-2 Model SCPH-50004 & S400 iLink connector.. As far as I know, only Time Crisis 2 supported it. I don't even know if Time Crisis 3 supports iLink though. [/b] i think armored core might have supported it, the list of gmaes which did wasnt big enough to justify going out of ur way to get...