2 PC, 1 Hub, 1 dsl modem

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I mean I hear I need 2 network cards on one PC to share them. Is there a way JUST to use 1 net card and so? i know there was a program but dont feel like buying it... too much $$$, at home cable was easier.... buy another IP and boom I was set... stupid dsl..
Try Nat32. I don't know if it gets around needing two network cards, but it's a good networking program that does some other cool stuff.
just get another NIC its are like $20 AUD, so i am guessing they are 10US it will save you alot of headachs and messying around

i have cable and i have had to use 2 NIC's in one PC but ICS works like a dream
I thought you just jacked the modem into your uplink port and ran a decent routing progtam like winroute. My modem was USB anyway cos BT are cheap like that :) (writing from BTs Southampton Office)
We have 3 (had 4) comps on a network sharing a cable connection, using Windows ICS here. Just get another network card.
Well I didnt want to hassle with that... Germany isnt cheap for cards... all I have is my second for my laptop and I didnt really wanna use that.
Use a twisted ethernet cable - run that from the DSL box to the Hub.

Then run lines from the hub to the PCs as usual.

Depending on the DSL provider, you can use the connections at the same time, or you may not. For instance, with Verizon, I can have 3 PCs on the hub using the DSL at the same time, but my previous provider, Covad, required a static IP (hence no sharing the connection - but I could share the files on each puter).

But the key thing is the twisted cable. They're fairly cheap on ebay, I picked up a 25' one for $8.

Incidentally, you can network two PCs together with just a twisted ethernet cable, without needing a hub. That's how I have my laptop and desktop networked.

Also, if you do decide to just get another NIC (if the above method doesn't work) two freeware programs that work the whole net sharing thing are SohoConnect and AnalogX Proxy. I can vouch both are excellent programs.
I'll agree with slinga on that too. I used to use a hub with ICS to have my three computers get to the internet (cable), and speeds weren't too bad, but it was like all three computers were on dial-up. Then I got a router to see if it was any better, and it is SOOO much faster. If you look you should be able to find some routers as low as $60 on eBay, and I only had to pay $75 for my router at Best Buy
with 2 pcs, it doesn't make any sense to use a hub, unless you want to pay $10/month for the second IP

a router, around $100, is the best solution. In addition to only 1 IP address needed, it also means you can shut down either PC without worry about the other one.

if you are willing to have one PC on all the time, you can put 2 network cards (or use USB for DSL modem and network card to connect to the other computer) in the one computer, hook the other one to it, via a Crossover Cable, basically a normal ethernet cable, but certain wires are switched within. make your own, or buy it.

then, you need a Proxy Server

oh, and if you use AOL DSL, where you have to run AOL program to be online, only the latter method will work, but then, only one computer, and one person, can be using AOL.

AOL keyword: BYOA
I use a hub to network the PCs, I have a 2nd laptop that I can hook up too. ALSO If I had $$$ Id have BOUGHT a router. I KNOW that works.

If I had CABLE id have bought a 2nd IP. But this is german DSL, not @home I dont have a "Excite" logon site to add a 2nd IP....
the way ive done it on mine is to have the pcs networked, and then just used the usb port on the cable modem (it has ethernet, but im too lazy to go and get another network card from the attic and install it), but it would work the same way with another card

that works fine with my isp (ntl) and with the previous dialup setups ive had

then just install ics on the pc with the cable/dsl connected, and use the appropiate install on the other pcs to route it to the main pc (win98/95 use the install disk generated when you install ics, 2k i just used the default proxy settings i think)
Cable was fine! (Bought second IP)

DSL works diff since T online uses PPPoE

Anyways Im locking since its all working!!! (See the 2 birds post)
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