4/5 in 1 Sat Swap


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Hey guys, can the 4/5 in 1 swap work with a Gameshark? I plan on buying a GS from a friend who's selling all his Sat stuff (already bought Sega Rally, and his Demo Disc. Unfortunately, he's charging top dollar for Virtua Cop 2 :()

Anyway, I want to know if that swap will work with a GS.
Mainly because certain 3rd part carts have different board thicknesses. What does that mean? A thicker board will mess up the cart slot so that thinner boards won't touch all of the contacts when inserted. Bleah. Bust out the calipers.


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Um.... how can doing the swap trick hurt my cart slot? Since when did doing the swap trick to get PDS, and my other pirated games working harm my cart slot on my Sat?


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my turn: HOW CAN SWAPPING OUT DISCS TO PLAY CD-R GAMES HARM MY #### CART SLOT? Read the swap trick for the 4/5 in 1 FAQ in the Misc. section. You'll see what I mean. :p


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Okay... read very carefully:

The presence of an excessively thick PCB in your cart slot can cause it to stop working properly due to the mechanical stress it puts on the slot. Nothing at all to do with swapping anything. Whether or not GS actually has such a thick PCB is beyond my knowledge :p
May be a dumb question, but WHY would you want to swap a 4/5-in-1 with a GameShark anyways when you can run GameShark codes on the 4/5-in-1 itself???
whats the purpose of a laser sight on a shotgun since with a shotgun its really hard to miss but its even harder at a distance to hit the little red dot. mind you it does look cool :)
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