4meg ram expansion with the Action replay pro cart

I know the Replay pro things are notorious for being crap but I got mine to work and load to the menu but I cant get it to activate the 4meg memory expansion thingy. I thought I remember reading that you had to use Pocket Fighter and then turn it on in the menu system is this right help me out here.


Ohh and I'm trying to get it to work for Metal Slug if that helps all I get is a screen with a bunch of Jap characters and the word RAM twice.


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I can't speak for all the different types of cart, but my AR4M+ allocates 1MB or 4MB automatically - there is no menu to activate it.

Are you sure that the Action Replay Pro has 4MB expansion?
Yeah I actually have the box it came with how crazy is that. But is says "up to 4M expanded ram card" so I dont know.

What version is yours? Mine says "Replay PRO Version 2.01" at the top of the menu screen when it first starts up.

Have you acutally tried it on Metal Slug or just other games?


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I'm pretty sure that the Action Replay Pro only has cheats and save space (that's the 4MB). According to Lik-Sang:

Action Replay cheat function

4M memory card function (not RAM card function!)

allows playback of import games

compatible with all Saturn versions

Highspeed PC connection port

I'm not sure what action replay version my cart is, but that shouldn't matter - the AR part and Ram cart part are largely separate.

[edit] yeah my cart works fine with Metal Slug and the Capcom 4MB games too.
I dont know the box says Ultra Madness Replay Pro and and says it has backup memory and backup ram or course maybe its in the wrong box though. Who knows.

I just changed a code for metal slug and it looks like I killed the damn thing it takes like 4 min to load the menu and then the codes dont load and other things look funny guess I should be glad I have a region switch installed.

Know any good sites that have a cheap cart I could buy?

Doh never mind just say the link to your cart I will have to pick it up looks like my cart is really dead now. Time to get some sleep here. :sleep:

Thanks a ton