About games that support the Dc to DC link cable

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I have a few questions about games that support the DC to DC link cable. AFAIK, the following games work with this cable: VOOT, F355 and some games in the Aerodancing series. My questions:

1) do the US and European versions of these games support the link cable too ?

2) how many Aerodancing games were made exactly ? Do they all support the link cable ?

3) As far as I know, the US/European version of the first Aerodancing game is called "Aerowings". Is this correct ? Does it support the link cable ?

4) can I link a European DC (50 Hz) to a US/Japanese one (60 Hz) ?

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I believe that the US and Euro versions of F355 have the linkup mode, it's hidden, you access it on the main menu with a combination of button presses.

I don't think there would be a problem connecting a PAL DC to an NTSC one, but they would have to be running the same version of the game at the same refresh. (Some import games switch to 50Hz on a PAL DC) If one was running at 50Hz and the other at 60Hz there would be serious syncing problems.
VOOT was never released in Europe
It nearly wasn't released in the US, Sega weren't going to bother but Activision snapped up the publishing rights.
Do these games (VOOT and F355) switch to 50 Hz on a PAL DC or do they still run at 60 Hz ? If they switch to 50, is there a way to force them to run at 60 ?

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P.S. Anybody have any info about the Aerodancing games ?
Import F355 definitely runs at 50Hz on a PAL console, I THINK VOOT does too, but I can't remember...

I hear there is a boot disc called the DC-X or something, this will apparently force 60Hz, but I haven't been able to get hold of one so far.