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Well I was over at rpgd(good news site for translations of games) and what do I see well they posted some new screen shots of Soul Hackers thats not even on the offical Soul Hackers translation site so head on over to


scroll down a bit and there they are! #### I can't wait for the patch to be released:D~
I hate to be a party pooper but...

I talk to dag on a regular basis, and he is not going to release the game like you think he is. He wants to release it legally, through the company that produced it. He wants to lisence the game through atlas. And btw, I saw those screenshots before they did, and there are a bunch more than that, so nyah! :)
i dunno i think it will be cancled ONLY if they dont approve of it...or dag might be albe to make a patch... ??? I really dont know but most people like me want to see it (no,i dont think its fake :) so lisen to SkankinMonkey he knows more about it than us :) and thats a good thing in a way......
1. Get first disc done (don't get your hopes up... probably not in the near future...)

2. Try to get some deal with Atlus (if successful, go straight to 4.1)

3. Release it as a patch (possibly a .txt version also) (goto 4.2)

4.1. Rejoice, collect licencing income... (end)

4.2. Rejoice, collect loads of Soul Hackers ISO requests....(end)

And, yes, I have spent a bit too much time script-dumping, thankyouverymuch... ^_^