After you burn a .Bin and .cue is it......


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Is it supposed to be unreadable by a regular CD-Rom drive? Or does that mean the game didn't burn correctly?


If you are talking about a Saturn or Sega CD game, then you should see at least some files in the root of the CD in a normal CD-ROM drive. The rip could be buggered - did you get any errors while burning?


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That's a very common prob I used to get...

After some time investigating that phenomen I discovered the first sector is corrupt, it happened whenever I patched with satconv a raw mode (2352) iso or bin, as my older burner doesn't correct the ecc codes on-the-fly... It can only burn 2352 tracks... (when burning mixed-mode discs).

Now the solution (if this is your prob) is to convert 2352 -> 2048 and patch it, then (if your burner requires it) 2048 -> 2352, and it's ready to burn.

Thus, as a general rule, I never patch raw mode ISOs...

In windows, these disc looked like *normal* coasters...

but I could play them on the saturn... read ahead..

This brings up another issue, the odd thing is that when I inserted the disc on the saturn, the lens tries to read the ring... that's VERY odd, as we *all* know saturn laser only goes for the ring when it assures it is a saturn disc, but if the IP.bin is missing...

I've discovered the first sector gets corrupted by using cdrwin's sector viewer, when I tried reading sector 00000, it gave me a reading error, but from 000001 to the end, it reads without any troubles.

Now... the game couldn't boot up using a modboard (gave me a "DISC Unsuitable ...", only by doing a swap, which means the IP.bin is read AFTER the protection... once again, we *all* knew that... now, how can saturn tell it is a saturn cd, without reading the ip.bin, as it tries to read the ring...

I still have some of those (bad) burned games... I can play them only using the swap...

It's 3.30am in here, i'm gonna sleep... this little discovery may be important...


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I've burned 4 different games and they are all unrecognizable by a CD-Rom. I don't have my Saturn yet to test them, but that sucks that most likely won't work.


What software are you using to burn the CDs?

Some burning software (CDRWin in particular) produce 'bad' CDs if you register it with a 'black listed' serial number.


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Nevermind...I tried using Fireburner and they are now all recognizable with a CD-Rom drive. I was using CDRWin.