Altered Beast system card problem...

Anybody here know if somebody ever figured out exactly why AB wouldn't work with any system card except version 1? The only way to enjoy this awesome game is to play it on an emulator. While on the topic of system cards, anyone know if it's possible to still get ahold of a version 1 japanese system card? I know it was never released in the US... eBay is definitely out of the question as I hardly see system cards on it.
Im playing it on my Duo right now, and it works just fine, Its just hard as hell, I cant beat the third end boss....from time to time (Rarely) it does glitch up and freeze, but if I play it with the Arcade Card in the system, it plays perfectly every time I play it.
I'm glad the ripping of it was successful. I could never get past the second level of the game. Would play fine up till half way through the second level when it would freeze.
Hey can somebody email me the cue sheet for this game I got a bogus one and has the audio going to nine hours or somthing .
Originally posted by FAKK2@Oct. 05 2002, 11:44 pm

Are you playing an orignal or copy of it? I have both a origonal and a copy of it and neither work with a 3.0 or arcade card pro. I do have the hucard version of it as well. Does anyone know what is different between the 2 versions of Altered beast other than the cd soudntrack and the story mode in the cd version?

I've looked on Ebay before and they rarely ever have the 1.0 cards on there.

Are you playing an orignal or a copy of it? I have a original of it as well as a copy of it and neither will work on a 3.0 or arcade card pro system cards.