Altered Beast

Rise from your grave!

I remember wasting a bunch of quarters in the arcade for this one, along with golden axe. It wasn't that easy for me at my age, but it was certainly fun.

Nothing other than that is memorable. I was easily amused.
Not a great fan of this game... Golden Axe smokes it hard...

The only great thing about this game was the fact you could replay the game over and over and still not get tired of hearing "Rise From Your Grave". Really surprised me when i first heard it coming ut of a genesis!
I've only played it on the Master System and at the Arcade's. It's an okay game, I thought the growing and transforming was pretty cool, but it sucked if you missed one of the balls (the ones that gave you your powers) and had to walk trough the level again bacause you couldn't come to the bosses without them.

Must've been 10+ years since I played it the last time, I don't even own a Master System anymore. <_<

Too easy.  :bs

What? Do you mean it was tough to beat? I've beaten it on the Master System, but maybe it's easier there. Only 4 levels if I recall it right.
At the time this was an awesome port, not ness. an awesome game, but converting what was on expensive arcade hardware to a near similar home port was kick ass and if you remember, one of the Genesis's early call to fame (I remember commercials/ads showcasing Altered Beast, Afterburner, and Shinobi). The game itself was enjoyable at first but quickly got a bit boring. After beating it once, which didn't take long, you would have to let it set for sometime until wanting to play it again. Overall I love this game for what it represented early on for the Genesis/Sega.
I played it trough this weekend (the Arcade version), Oh my! It hasn't aged with dignity that's for sure.

There was in fact 5 levels not 4 as I wrote before. And it was actually pretty boring.
ahhh.. the game my genesis came with

at the time (my birthday, 4/14 1990) level 5 was like one of the coolest things i'd ever seen

the game doesn't hold up to well, but the nostalgia factor is astounding
Awww I can't believe I have been gone this long that I missed this game of the week!!!

I Love Altered Beast regardless of the opinions stated... Yes it is a bit short but it was awesome back in the days...

It was the first Sega Genesis game I bought with my own money... 19.99 bought it right after my b-day and I got chills when I would hear "Rise from your Grave" "Welcome to your Doom!" "POWERUP!!!" hahah

This game actually made me bond with my sister, who is so far distant from me now

The first game I bought for genesis with my own money, and the second game I had for genesis after Mortal Kombat II
When I first got this I thought it sucked (Got it with my Mega Drive and Sonic 1), but as I played it more, I was compelled to complete it. So I did. So many memories...