Another Megadrive 50/60Hz question

First let me start my saying that I am no novice to the black art of console modding, Megadrive's, SNES's & Saturns have all felt the wrath of my soldering iron in the past.

However I have recently purchased a Megadrive II (PAL), which naturally I want to mod for 60Hz. Unfortunately, upon opening the console I discovered that the PCB was much smaller than normal (only fills 2 thirds of the case) and there were no Jp3 or Jp4. Looking at the code printed on the PCB it is a megadrive 2 revision 4.

My question is, have any of you come accross such a console before, and if so can it be modded to 60Hz. I assume it is just a case of soldering one of the pins of the 315-5960 IC to +5v instead of 0v, but I don't know which one.

Thanks a lot, I was just about to give up on this quest.

I have just tried it and have been enjoying some 60Hz Sonic mayhem.

Anyway, thanks again :)

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