Anyone here starting school again?


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I start monday Aug 18. Its kinda a bummer but kinda cool at the same time. I get to show off my new scar from surgery and mingle with the hot chicks! Senior year... hope its fun. What do i gotta start doing to prepare for my colledge years? The real world is creepin up on me.... scary stuff dude!
Sept 3rd I start university :blink:

Still don't know what Im taking for sure, looking into computer science with a buisness minor. Make games and cash, what else could you ask for? :)


misa a sophomore in colige and i a go to something when i gets back from Main...

see skool didt do me to well, but me still majiring in writing...

nah, I'm working towards a doctorate in mathematics, and a minor in secondary education... I WILL BE YOUR TEACHER, mahahahaha :D
Startin my Senior yr on the 25th......I am doin college classes for networking (so I can get certified and whatnot) and also gunna take a bunch of classes on dif comp hardware and software. SO I am only gunna be at my school for like 1/2 the day.
27th senior year, good to know its gonna end, bad to know the real world is a bitch, sux even more to have to go back yet again :p
I start my Junior (3rd) Year of college the 20th towards a Bachelors Science degree in Computer Science Technology. Glad to see there is a much younger than I expected following on the site :D.
Well, Goodnight all! Tonight is the last night of my summer before school, and i have a huge headache :damn: . It really helps me get to sleep... <_< :agree . Laters.
dude, my first day was cool. No new hot chicks though, but i have a lot of my friends in my classes and during lunch. I got a cool computer animation class and a bunch of AP art classes. So far so good.