Anyone in the uk want a free jap


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Dumbass here forgot to change the region before he burned so I've got a disk that's no good to me. You pay for the postage (practically nothing) and it's yours!
i dont think anyone will PAY for a burnt copy of a game unless it's some super secret beta only released underground in hong kong programmed by the nazi's and full of sum-liminal messages.
If you read the thing, I'm not asking them to pay. Just give me the stamps to post it. It'll just go in the bin otherwise. It'll be like 50p or something. If someone can't be arsed to dl it then here they go.
Yeah I've done that. But it still leaves me with a Japanese copy that someone can have that's no use to me.
Oh, ok, I see what ya mean. you could always use it as a frisbee, or see how high in the air you can wing it, then watch it shatter as it hits the ground.
I did that once with a cd by The Farm (that might mean nothing if you're American, but they are poor) and it nearly took one of my teachers' heads off. It was the last day of term though, so it was ok
I think most people leave the game CD in the region it was created for, so really if you get one you should always check it. I would really be anoyed if I bought a CD and those guys at the store changed a Japanese game to US or something.
I always do check them, especially as they are often not in PAL so I generally have to change them. I was just in a hurry to get somewhere and set it burning with my brain turned off. All I want to know is if someone wants it!